Every week we get a mandatory horror movie and Maya is here to fulfil this week s quota More than rating the movie by analysing how much it scared me I would

Maya- The Fear Factor Movie Review

Maya Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Maya "
Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-09-2015
Genre: Horror
3.5 / 5.0

Every week we get a mandatory horror movie and Maya is here to fulfil this week's quota. More than rating the movie by analysing how much it scared me, I would rather appreciate that this horror movie had an underlying story. First half is a collection of random events, which does not make much sense but you believe that the 2nd half will open doors and have explanations. There were some genuine scary moments because 90% of the film was shot in the dark and it the most appropriate situations where anybody will get scared. Mayavanam is a eerie forest 13 kms from the city, which houses a mental asylum where the patients are tortured and beaten to death. Pregnant Maya Mathews ends up in the asylum and she soon delivers the baby and dies.

Currently, the place is in ruins and people believe that there is some evil spirit lurking around in the forest. Director Rk is making a film on Maya and picks up incidents from a book which was written based on real life events. That's when the real ghost makes its appearance and plan its revenge. That's basically about Maya in a nutshell. You have to watch the film to understand how the characters are connected with the ghost. I liked the screenplay quite a bit for its detailed research and narration.

Though a bit predictable and some scenes might even seem clichéd, the film had that interest factor going on. There were some genuine scary moments which will spike your blood pressure a bit too. Cinematography was pretty good and its the main highlight in the film. The camera angles and movement gave a suspense feel to each frame. The music supported the screenplay quite well and gave a eerie feeling to some scenes. Editing was good and made sense especially when the narration travels back and forth but the film seemed a bit lengthy and a cut here and there would have made it more gripping. Performances wise, lady superstar Nayanthara lived the role. She is elegant and cake walked her role in style. She is someone who can definitely act and emote.

Aari is quite a talent and he did his character with utmost ease. Other character were pretty decent in their respective roles. Robo Shankar character was not needed and that would have saved some run time if chopped off from the movie. Overall, Maya is a well made horror thriller with some predictable scenes that will still scare you. The film keeps you engaged throughout, except for sometime in the 2nd half where the scenes gets a bit repetitive. There were some intelligent scenes which I thoroughly loved. You have to watch the movie in the theatres to get the max out of it.