Varunika is an upcoming professional South Indian film actress. She has acted in the Tamil movie industry. She is known for her character in the movie Dharani which got released in the year 2015, and it was directed by Kollywood movie director Guhan Sambandham with actors such as Aari, Sandra Amy, Jayakumar and some more in prominent roles, and it was produced by V. G. S. Narendran of the production house Melody movies. Actress Varunika is originally named Teresa David. Varunika was born and brought up in Chennai. She was interested in dancing, singing, acting and other theatres arts from when she was just a small child. She was always passionate about acting. She was a professional model before becoming an actress in the Kollywood industry.

Varunika has done a lot of advertisement films in her acting career. Her debut movie Dharani in which she is one of the actresses which has three lead male actors with three female lead counterparts. One of the heroes was actor Aari who was already a friend of Varunika. Actor Aari had already given Varunika an opportunity to act in a short film. This short film was her promo to get noticed, and that is how Varunika got an offer for the movie Dharani. Varunika feels very privileged and grateful to her debut producer and director to have held hopes for her and trusting a debut artist to their project with such a powerful and dominant character. When Varunika got selected for the movie, she was asked to observe the life of a middle-class girl by the director.

She thought it is an easy task but, when she went to the shoot, she realized it needed more work. Varunika also reads books about acting and drama. She learned a lot from her director who was also a debutant. When she acted, the director asked her to emote naturally and not in the way that she has to look beautiful in all the frames. This incident reminded her of the words of Stanislavski who is a Russian theatre artist and director. Varunika was very impressed by the director for his knowledge and passion in the field. She finds it a huge blessing for getting this offer in which she played a part as a school going girl and also as a married woman. Her family and friends were okay with her participation in ad films, but when she received a movie offer, her father and brother were a bit hesitant.

Amanda Rosario Tamil Actress

Amanda Rosario

A woman with a rare combination, Amanda Rosario, an Indian British actres,s who has starred in several films in Hindi and Tamil films. Her small roles in Hindi films gave her a segway into the Tamil cinema industry ‘Kollywood’. Her debut in Tamil film was through 'Saagasam' with the actor Prashanth in 2016. Born in Ilford in 1989 to an Indian woman and a British man, this young lady has chosen her path in the cine industry. Enrolling herself at The Centre Performing College for Arts in 2006, she became interested in dance and acting. This is when she decided to choose her passion to be her profession and hit the media. She took a step towards her career of performing arts, by playing her role as a dance teacher at Arts Educational Schools, London in 2008. Later she moved on to a profession as a commercial model. She simultaneously represented certain brands namely Perfect Asian and Pizza Hut, while working on commercials in television for Heart FM and ITV's Magic Numbers on the side. She made her acting debut in Bollywood by portraying a supporting role as Deepika Padukone's friend in 'Love Aaj Kal' in 2009. She later chose to play the role of a choreographer for the BBC Asian Network and a freelance dancer. She played a guest role in an item number with Akshay Kumar in the Hindi gangster film, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara!’ in 2013. She is working hard to make it big in the industry. She currently lives in Perth, Australia. Later she had a chance to play the lead role in a Tamil movie with a renowned hero, Prashanth and made her hit in Kollywood. On her personal side, she was initially called Amanda Pegrum. Her interests were taken down by actions behind the lens and dance which later made her a professional choreographer, a model and an actress. She has won many laurels for her dancing skills and talents. She is a trained ballet dancer and has won many awards for her ballet. She always had a fascination with the Indian food and loves all types of Indian Cuisines. She is indeed an exotic flavour to the cinema industry and seeks to work as many projects as possible. Her talents and skills have made her a hit as of 2016 and is still working hard to achieve more.