Champion is a sports thriller flick scripted and directed by Suseenthiran. This is the second sports film of Suseenthiran in this year, after Kennedy Club. C

Champion Tamil Movie Review

Champion Tamil Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Champion Tamil"
Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-12-2019
Genre: Action
2.75 / 5.0



Champion is a sports thriller flick scripted and directed by “ Suseenthiran Suseenthiran was born in 1978 and his parents name >> Read More... Suseenthiran .” This is the second sports film of Suseenthiran in this year, after Kennedy Club Click to look into! >> Read More... Kennedy Club . Champion has the newbie Vishwa in the lead role. “ Narain Narain is a famous South Indian Actor who hails fr >> Read More... Narain ,” Manoj Bharathiraja Manoj Bharathiraja also known as Manoj K. Bharathi >> Read More... Manoj Bharathiraja , “ V Jayaprakash V Jayaprakash is a Tamil film actor and producer, >> Read More... V Jayaprakash ,” Stunt Silva Stunt Silva was born in Tuticorin, TamilNadu. He s >> Read More... Stunt Silva and Mirnalini Ravi Mirnalini Ravi is an Indian Film and TV actress. S >> Read More... Mirnalini Ravi are in the cast.


Gold Star Gopi is an aspiring footballer. Gopi and Santa are close friends. When Gopi loses his concentration on football and joins a councilor as his right hand, Santa becomes a sports personality. Soon, Gopi gets killed by his boss. Gopi is married and has a son, Jones. As sports is in his blood, Jones try hard to become a leading footballer and Santa coaches him. At a particular stage, Jones come to know that his father was murdered and decides to take revenge. Did he become a footballer or a gangster? Watch the film to know the rest.

Star Performance

Narain performed well as a coach. He emotes well, when scolding Vishwa and also when he tries to convince him. Mrinalini has nothing big to do. Manoj did his best in the limited star performances. Vishwa, the hero has to improve his acting skill more.


Suseenthiran is an expert in the sports genre films. But, in recent days, his films didn’t go well, as his screenplay is not gripping. In this film, Suseenthiran has done his best. Mirnalini Ravi has done a good job. But, if her role had been designed well, her performance would have got projected. The cinematography and editing are good. Arrol Corelli’s music is impressive.

What’s There?

  • Script, screenplay and narration are okayish
  • Performances of the stars are good
  • Production and technical values are good

What’s Not There?

  • Vishwa should improve his acting skills


Champion is a normal sports film, which is laced with romance and vengeance.