Attu is the recently released Tamil film Now let rsquo s see how Attu has turned out to be Plot Rishi Rithvik and Yogi Babu live together along with their f

Attu Movie Review

Attu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Attu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 31-03-2017
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
2.75 / 5.0



Attu is the recently released Tamil film. Now let’s see how Attu has turned out to be.


Rishi Rithvik Rishi Rithvik is an inevitable name in award shows >> Read More... and Yogi Babu Yogi Babu is one of the famous actors in Indian fi >> Read More... live together along with their friends since they are orphans. They live in North Chennai. The councilor of the area gives some work to them and they do that. He also saves them when they are being entangled in problems. In the meantime, Archana Ravi Of the thousands of beginners with dreaminess in t >> Read More... falls in love with Rishi Rithvik due to turn of events. Though Rishi rejects her proposal initially he later agrees with the insistence of his friends. What is the twist in the film that makes Rishi and his friends turn against the councilor? Why they are being traced by the police? What happens to the love angle of Rishi and Archana? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

Rishi Rithvik pulls off his character effortlessly. He has given a balanced acting. Though Archana Ravi has a brief role she has done her part well. Yogi Babu and the others who had done the friends’ role also have done their roles well. The rest of the cast ably support.

Analysis T

he movie is directed by Rathan Linga Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and he focuses on the happenings in North Chennai. The actors have been selected in the appropriate manner.

What’s there?

• The music of Bobo Shashi Bobo Shashi is an Indian Music Director and Playba >> Read More... adds strength to the film.

• The cinematography of Ramalingam is commendable.

What’s not there?

Though the film is realistic the story moves in the predictable lines.


The movie shows the happenings in North Chennai in a realistic manner. However there is nothing novel in the story.