Power Pandian is an Indian fight master and stunt coordinator who has just started working in Kollywood productions. He began as a fighter, but seeing his dedication, director Nova gave him chance in his upcoming flick ‘Namma Katha’. He made his debut in the movie 'Namma Katha' which had Kavithrana and Bavisha in lead roles. The film speaks of a slum boy hence some action scene was there. The film was appreciated by critics for its story and performance too. He became a full-length action film director, action coordinator and stunt director. But his stunt scenes in movie ‘ Attu Click to look into! >> Read More... Attu ’ directed by Rathan Linga Rathan Linga is an Indian director who has made a >> Read More... Rathan Linga need special mention. The unexpected twist in climax becomes a real scene stealer of the movie.

One must admit that stunt scenes do not mean just fight sequences, but it could be a chase or robbery scene too. Power Pandian's next project was ‘Attu’ directed by Vijaya Baskar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vijaya Baskar . He was lucky enough to get the author-backed story and Power Pandian could grasp the actual locales and situations. He has so far not introduced VFX technique in stunt scenes. His stunt scenes are really backed by actor’s coordination with him. He is also grateful to the editing department for the movies that he had handled stunt roles the editing went perfectly and even the cinematographer too had taken up his suggestions whole-heartedly for shooting the action sequences directed by him. His dedication to stunt will be watched in his forthcoming movies too.