The movie Adharaveppom has a debutant actor in it Let us read the review to know whether it has achieved the end of impressing the audiences nbsp Plot In

Adharaveppom Movie Review

Adharaveppom  Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Adharaveppom"
Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-04-2016
Genre: Thriller, Drama
1.5 / 5.0



The movie Adharaveppom has a debutant actor in it. Let us read the review to know whether it has achieved the end of impressing the audiences.  


In the movie, the hero Rahul is an aspiring director.  He happens to be the fan of actor Vijay.  He goes to the extent of forgoing his Twelfth Standard exams for the sake of watching Vijay’s movies.  The fanaticism in him provokes rebukes among the members of his house.  A clash erupts in the household and with dreams of becoming a director, Rahul comes to Chennai. He meets director Bhagyaraj in Chennai and requests for a movie chance.  Since Bhagyaraj likes the story narration by Rahul, he introduces him to an assistant director.  

Rahul encounters many difficulties as he pursues his dream.  The rest of the plot unfolds in such a way that it answers the questions raised by you. 
Star Performances:

The character done by Rahul is vibrant.  The choreographer has brought out the dancing skills in him.  Since he is a debutant actor, one cannot expect much from him.  The movie’s heroine, Aishwarya does not have much scope for performance.  But, she has done her role well.  


Although the movie has other notable supporting actors, there is no weight to the story.  The movie’s director tries to portray the plight of youth who desires to become a director. He has done his job with much responsibility.  But, the movie is not engrossing and creates boredom among the fans.  

What is there?

  • The concept that the director has taken up is worthwhile.
  • The choreography is commendable.

What is not there?

  • The camera by Ganesh has been handled in an amateurish manner.
  • The background music is very average.  
  • The numbers are also very mediocre.  


When taking everything into account, the movie Adhara Vappom does not rock the audiences as is expected.