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Baba Black Sheep is scripted by Rajmohan Arumugam. Rajmohan Arumugam directed the film. Raahul produced the film in association with Romeo Pictures. Sudarshan

Baba Black Sheep Movie Review

Baba Black Sheep Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Written by Ramana Addala
Review for the film " Baba Black Sheep"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-07-2023
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3 / 5.0

Baba Black Sheep Click to look into! >> Read More... Baba Black Sheep ” is scripted by Rajmohan Arumugam. Rajmohan Arumugam directed the film. Raahul produced the film in association with Romeo Pictures. Sudarshan Srinivasan cranked the camera, and Gopal Balaji Gopal Balaji is a digital imaging technician who w >> Read More... Gopal Balaji and Vijay Velukutty Vijay Velukutty is an editor cum short film direct >> Read More... Vijay Velukutty edited the film. Santhosh Dhayanidhi composed the music. Vicky did the stunt choreography of the film. ADORE Azhar did costume design for the film. Azar did the dance choreography for the film. The film features Abhirami Gopikumar, , RJ Vigneshkanth, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan Vinodhini Vaidyanathan is a prominent theatre and >> Read More... Vinodhini Vaidyanathan , Suresh Chakravarthi Suresh Chakravarthi is an Indian actor who has wor >> Read More... Suresh Chakravarthi , Ammu Abhirami Ammu Abhirami is an Indian actress who has been a >> Read More... Ammu Abhirami , Harshath Khan, Adhirchi Arun Adhirchi Arun was born on 13 December 1994 in Chen >> Read More... Adhirchi Arun , Subbu Panchu Subbu Panchu is the son of the very popular produc >> Read More... Subbu Panchu , Abdul Ayaz, Narendra Prasad Narendra Prasad was born on 26th December 1946 at >> Read More... Narendra Prasad , Madurai Muthu Madurai Muthu is a popular stand-up comedian and a >> Read More... Madurai Muthu , Settai Sheriff, Ram Nishant, Vishwanath Sharma and Kutty Vino.


There are two different schools. These two schools are managed by the same people. One is a boys school and another one co-education school. These two schools are two other gangs. Boys' school's gang is more dangerous, and they have strict discipline to follow. The co-education school is more fun. The students have enjoyable, lovely relationship with opposite-sex students. They never expressed their feelings directly to their crush. But they start flirting whenever they see each other. The school management decided to mix both these schools because they are managed by the same people. But these gangs are not going well with each other. They became rival groups. This issue is becoming a major problem in school. Even teachers can not able to handle this issue. The teachers complained about this issue to school management. What will the school management do? Will these rival groups go well with each other? The rest of the story deals with it.

Star Performance 

Narendra Prasad did an incredible performance in the movie. His journey to win against the rival group was brilliant. His detailing of the character was outstanding. His acting and dialogue delivery was perfect. One would love him after watching this movie. He that much impact he made in the whole movie. Ammu Abhirami did a fantastic performance in the film. She shows the nature of a perfect friend. Her chemistry with Narendra Prasad was excellent in the film. Her acting was factual and natural. Abdul Ayaz did a remarkable performance in the movie. His planning and teamwork skills to win against rival groups were outstanding and hilarious. All the other actors were as good as the main lead actors.


The film’s storyline was great, thrilling, interesting, and entertaining –the film focus on the central theme of school love and drama. The film is inspired by real-life incidents. The film speaks about various issues like suicides in today’s generation. The comic nature of the movie is maintained from the start till the end. The storyline in the film was interesting. This film is  Rajmohan Arumugam’s first directorial film. The direction, cinematography, and costume design were perfect in the movie. The adventurous journey of two rival groups is shown in the film. The background music and songs play a significant role in the movie. The dialogues was excellent. The narration in the film were the best part of the film. 

What’s There?

• The film uses the comedy and love concept significantly.

• The film did not go beyond the theme.

• The star cast was good in the film.

What’s Not There? 

• At a certain point, the film became dull.

• The film is lengthy.


The film has a good storyline with an excellent star cast. The scripting was good. Those who, love school drama, or those who want to go back to their school days should watch this film.