White is a Malayalam film directed by Uday Ananthan Rahul Raj is the musical director of the movie Huma Qureshi is making a debut in Malayalam film industry w

White Movie Review

White Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " White"
Runtime: 2 Hours 29 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-07-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.5 / 5.0



White is a Malayalam film directed by Uday Ananthan. Rahul Raj is the musical director of the movie. Huma Qureshi is making a debut in Malayalam film industry with this film.

Plot: Prakash Roy is a banker who lives in London. His wife died years ago and he alone in his life. He is living his life without any motive when Roshni enters his life. Roshni is an IT professional who has just shifted to London to build her career. She is appointed at the same bank as of Prakash as an IT expert for the bank's website. After a few days of work, Prakash's eye fell on Roshni, and he felt attracted to her. Roshni, on the other hand, is in no mood of getting into a relationship and only wants to focus on her career. After a series of incidents, Prakash manages to convince her, and Roshni accepts him. The movie progresses with the couple getting on with their lives supporting each other in tough times.

Analysis: The movie starts off on a great note, but slows down after the first fifteen minutes and goes on to be the same. It has a typical love story and lacks the freshness and crispness to make it precise. The direction is average, and Uday Ananthan has failed to convince the audience with his narration. Also, the story has many loop ends and does not satisfy the audience with its logic. It has many questions unanswered, and the mysterious relation of Prakash and Roshni in the first half remains unanswered.

The screenplay lacks precision and is very slow after fifteen minutes in the first half. The movie also confuses the audience with illogical and dilutive treatment to the characters. The climax is, however, a surprise package and you will be shocked to see it.

Star Performances: Mammootty has come a long way in the industry, and he looked perfect in his character. His charming personality and decorated his personality with another dimension and is very appealing. Huma Qureshi is debuting with this movie in Malayalam film industry and has done justice with her character. However, dubbing has some effect which can't be ignored. Amarjeet Singh has captured London with its glory as a cinematographer and in impressive. The editing has been loose, and it could have been better to make the movie more interesting.

What's there? It has a love story and lots of emotions, which is going to impress the youth. Also, the music is pleasing, and it increases the number of assets. The movie has been very precisely captured, and the visuals are captivating. The glorious scenic beauty of London is worth remembering.

What's not there? The movie lacks precision in the story. The direction is average, and the narration is not at all convincing. The unnecessary dialogues also ruin the moments, and the philosophy is irritating. The movie disappoints the audience with such a brilliant start, and this can go against it.

Verdict: The movie has a beautiful love story, but the direction has not done justice with it. It is average on a whole and can only be watched once.