Friendship is an invaluable bond and there should not be religious barriers attached to it This is the subtle message of Kohinoor Set in the end of 80s Asif

Kohinoor Movie Review

Kohinoor Movie Review Malayalam
Movie story for the film "Kohinoor"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 24-09-2015
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Friendship is an invaluable bond and there should not be religious barriers attached to it. This is the subtle message of Kohinoor. Set in the end of 80s, Asif Ali is the protagonist of the movie. Asif Ali is working with Vinay Govind for the second time in his career, after Killi Poyi. Asif ventures into production through this film.

Plot: Louis Ali is a merry bound fellow and possesses a unique fancy towards underworld dons. The character of Mohanlal in Rajavinte Magan has enamored him a lot and he aims to become a smuggler in the same way (thus earning more money). Aandy Kunju ( Aju Varghese) is Louise’ close buddy. There is also a love story (which has become an essential part of Indian films), which has been interspersed in this film. Louis gets acquainted with an underworld don, played by Indrajit, and what happens next forms the rest of the plot.

Asif Ali has grasped what is needed from him and comes out with an energetic portrayal. The real test in getting into the skin of the character is that sometimes the actors overact, and Asif Ali is no exception to this. Aju Varghese is good as always. Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Forrt do a splendid performance. Indrajith is the man of the moment with his exceptional dialogue delivery and commendable show onscreen. Though the role of Aparna Vinod is less, she has made use of it.

Rahul Raj’s music is a great hit. There are some melodies in the movie, which work in favor of it. Harinarayanan’s lyrics are also good. This film has the right ingredients of comedy, thrill and reminiscence.

The script is penned by Salil Menon and Ranjit Kamalashankar. We are quite acquainted with this sort of story. The suspense element could have been treated well in the film. All the same, this film is quite better than the other heist movies of Malayalam cinema. Extra glamour is added to the film with the presence of Bhavana in a song. The hyped entry of Asif Ali on screen is commendable and it gives the feel of Mohanlal film.

Verdict: You can watch the movie once.