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Akasham Kadann is a Malayalam drama film released in 2023. Sidhique Kodiyathur is the film s director and writer. Saleem Lamees, Rahaman Pocker Maranchery, Sidh

Akasham Kadann Movie Review

Akasham Kadann Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Written by Sharath reddy
Review for the film " Akasham Kadann"
Runtime: 2 hours 16 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2023
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Akasham Kadann is a Malayalam drama film released in 2023. Sidhique Kodiyathur is the film’s director and writer. Saleem Lamees, Rahaman Pocker Maranchery, Sidhique P, and Fasal Parambadan are the film’s producers. The cinematography is by Latheef Maranchery, and the music is composed by Sheikh Ellahi. Shameer edited the film. The background score is by Shaikh Elahi, and the visual effects are by Ameen Vengara.

Vijayakumar, Priya Sreejith, Maqbool Salman, and Amal Iqbal are the lead cast. Ibrahim Kutty Ibrahim Kutty is a famous actor from Kerala, and h >> Read More... Ibrahim Kutty , Kulappulli Leela Kulappulli Leela or C. Chinju mol, as she is popul >> Read More... Kulappulli Leela , Nilambur Ayisha Nilambur Ayisha is a theater and film actress of t >> Read More... Nilambur Ayisha , Bhuvaneswari Biju, and Shafi Kollam play supporting roles.


The film revolves around a couple and their disabled child. Rauf – Sajna (Vijayakumar and Priya Sreejith) raise their second child Russell with great care and concern. But things are not well in this family. The couple is devastated due to Russell’s illness at five years of age. While spending their time in hopelessness, slowly they discover the reality after hearing Father Davis Chiramel’s speech at a religious gathering.

Fazal (Maqbool Salman) joins the family as a son-in-law and recognizes Russell’s talent. He nurtures his talent through training and raises him to success. In the end, the family experiences such happiness that one cannot imagine.

Star Performance

Vijayakumar and Priya Sreejith gave outstanding performances. The way they take care of their children is very realistic for the viewers. From happiness to hopelessness, they show all the emotions in a balanced proportion.

Amal Iqbal, who played the role of a disabled child, perfectly executed his part. His expressions are superb. Kulappulli Leela and Ibrahim Kutty tried their best to make the film impressive. Maqbool Salman looks decent on the screen. His dialogue delivery and acting deserve appreciation. The rest of the cast provided good support in this film.


The film is very inspirational and conveys a lot of messages to society. Every scene creates excitement among the viewers. The film is about the hopelessness of those parents whose child is born with mental or physical illness. It perfectly depicts that life is unpredictable and happy moments can soon turn into sorrow.  It makes the viewers emotional. The performances by the leading cast further enrich this film’s beauty. The camera work is fantastic, precisely capturing all the family moments, and the music is heart-touching. Overall, Akasham Kadann is an impressive film.

What’s There?

• Inspiring story.

• Message-oriented film.

• Emotional family scenes.

• Neat cinematography.

• Excellent performance by the leading cast.

• Heart-touching music.

What’s Not There?

• Weak performance by some of the supporting actors.

• Less engaging.

• Minor technical glitches.


Akasham Kadann takes you on a roller coaster journey filled with emotions and inspiration. It will remind you of your parents and the struggle faced by them in nurturing you. It is a one-time watch film. You should definitely watch this film.