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Corona Dhavan is a Malayalam comedy film released in 2023. C.C. Nithin is the film s director, and Sujai Mohanraj is the writer. The film s producers are James

Corona Dhavan Movie Review

 Corona Dhavan Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Written by Prajwal Ahluwalia
Review for the film " Corona Dhavan"
Runtime: 2 hrs 10 min
Certificate: A
Released: 28-07-2023
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Corona Dhavan is a Malayalam comedy film released in 2023. C.C. Nithin is the film’s director, and Sujai Mohanraj is the writer. The film’s producers are James John and Jerome John. Janeesh Jayanandan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Janeesh Jayanandan is the cinematographer, and Rijo Joseph is the music director. The editing is by Ajeesh Anand, and the art direction is by Kannan Athirappilly. Sujith C.S. is the costume designer.

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Corona Dhavan revolves around a group of alcoholics who struggle to find the thirty bottles of Dhavan, a kind of alcohol in Kerala. The film is set in the backdrop of a village named Anathadam, with Vinu (Lukman Avaran) as the lead actor. His sister’s wedding is fixed, and in order to entertain the guests, he buys some bottles of alcohol (Dhavan). However, the marriage does not happen as his sister flees with one of his friends. On the same night, the Covid-19 lockdown is declared.

This causes a lot of chaos among alcoholic villagers due to the unavailability of liquor. Everyone in the village knows that Vinu has many bottles of liquor (Dhavan), and they make efforts to get the liquor bottles from Vinu.

Will Vinu give them the liquor bottles? If not, then what will these alcoholic villagers do?

Star Performance

Lukman Avaran delivers a brilliant performance. His dialogue delivery and expressions are good. He gives his best to make the film impressive. With his performance, Vinu proves he can be an asset to the Malayalam film industry.

Sarath Sabha, who played the role of Sumesh, makes the film entertaining with his comedy. His expressions are outstanding. Irshad, the police officer, also makes everyone laugh.

There are only two females in this film, namely Seema G Nair and Sruthy Jayan. Although they play little roles, they try their best in whichever scene they appear. The rest of the supporting cast look decent in their respective roles.


The film is full of comedic scenes though some jokes fail to make the viewers laugh. It reminds the viewers of the difficult times during the lockdown when masks, sanitizers, and covid tests were compulsory, and police used drones to monitor the lockdown situation. Alcohol was a very prestigious thing for people during this time. Since bars and liquor shops were closed, people resorted to various hazardous means, such as drinking sanitizers or producing alcohol at home. The drone comedic scene is impressive, but it appears to be a bit stretched. The cinematography and music add strength to this film. However, one of the main weaknesses in this film is that the scenes appear to be separated from each other.

What’s There?

• Comedic scenes.

• Situations during the Covid-19 lockdown.

• The struggle of people for Alcohol Dhavan.

• Excellent performance by the Lukman Avaran.

• Good storyline.

• Neat cinematography.

What’s Not There?

• The scenes appear to be separated from each other.

• Some supporting actors gave below-average performances.

• Weak direction.

• Weak editing.

• Minor faults.


Corona Dhavan is an entertaining but not memorable film. It is a one-time watch film. The alcoholic villagers' struggle for alcohol will make you laugh out loud. If you want to experience comedy, you can try this film.