Mythri in English means lsquo friendship rsquo is a bilingual film The film showcases the plight of juvenile prisoners and their rehabilitation or rather th

Mythri Movie Review

Mythri Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mythri"
Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-02-2015
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Mythri, in English means ‘friendship’ is a bilingual film. The film showcases the plight of juvenile prisoners and their rehabilitation or rather the lack of that.

Plot: Siddarama (Aditya) lives in a slum, with his mother who is a daily wager at an incense factory to provide for themselves. He is also very smart. As a result of a prank, he lands himself up behind the bars. His mother seeks help from Gooli Prathapa, a womanizer, who holds a human-trafficking business. He has his share of political desires too. After Siddarama’s bail, Gooli’s eyes set themselves upon Sidda’s mother. Sidda is a die-hard fan of Puneeth Rajkumar and plays the truant to catch a glimpse of his idol’s shooting. During such shoots, he gets lucky enough to snatch an interaction with Puneeth. Later Sidda is seen in juvenile prison, whose warden is the ruthless Raviprakash. He grows a relationship with his inmate Johnson, who sees the potential in him.

The story moves ahead, and Sidda is seen getting a chance to participate in “Kannadada Kotyadipathi’ hosted by Puneeth. He is just one step back from snatching the prize of Rs 1 Crore. At this point DRDO scientist, Mahadev Ghodke intervenes requesting Puneet not continue the show as Sidda is his son’s murderer. He is shocked but refuses, as he cannot do anything about it. Ghodke leaves unhappily. He hatches a plan to end Gooli’s life by detonating a bomb. He reaches the latter’s office to plant the bomb.

On the other side, Sidda is asked the ultimate question which he fails to answer. He uses the help “phone-a-friend”. Puneeth places the call to Ghodke. He unbiasedly helps Sidda with the right answer. Sidda explains to him that Gooli’s men had framed him, for his son’s death. Mahadev quietly hears him out and leaves the office. The bomb explodes while Gooli’s sidekicks searched the cargo of the suitcase killing him. In the end, Mahadev adopts Sidda.

Analysis: Somewhere throughout the film, the audience can remotely connect to Slumdog Millionaire. But a different track is followed. The movie shows discrimination meted out to the so-called lower strata of the society. It is a very relevant script on the life of youth generation. The last 15 minutes of the movie makes you re-think about it, whenever you remember the film. It could be better if there were no songs in the sequence of the correctional home. Not only it breaks the pace but mar the smooth narration. Soft, sensitive and wise in the right proportions, the film calls for a round of applause.

Star Performances: Puneeth and Mohanlal deliver a stellar act with powerful dialogues. The real credit goes to the child stars who made it look indigenous and facile. Puneet leaves back his glamourous avatar behind. Mohanlal who barely gets the sceenspace, has won over the audience. Atul Kulkarni, as the ruthless warden, does a fantastic job. Mani is appreciable too. The women make a worthy appearance, though not of much time.

What’s there?

1) The movie borrows its musical scores from the legendary Ilaiyaraaja that keeps you connected.

2) The movie does not have the action packed sequences, glamour, upscale sets, heroism, masala and item songs- which work for a box office hit. Thus setting the film a class apart, for the unique approach.

3) Credits to the man behind the lens, for the camaraderie- A.V. Krishna Kumar. The editing and the performances by the cast call for a round of applause.

What’s not there?

If you expect a full masala entertainer, then don’t go for this movie. For the others who seek food for thought - this movie is not one of those which the audience must lap up as gullible victims for the sake of the money wasted on tickets. Go for this.

Verdict: Must watch the film with family and friends. It is one of the most commendable ventures of Giriraj in recent times.