Review New Year was approaching and 2006 was at the end, there emerged a fresh sprit of love and romance. Yes, we are talking about Mungaru Male, a film full o

Mungaru Male Movie Review

Mungaru Male Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mungaru Male"
Runtime: 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-12-2006
Genre: Romance
3 / 5.0




New Year was approaching and 2006 was at the end, there emerged a fresh sprit of love and romance. Yes, we are talking about Mungaru Male, a film full of romance was gifted to the audience. This movie was ready to change the flavor of Kannada film industry. This movie was first in India, which had screening for around one year in a multiplex and recorded highest box-office collection. It was remade in Telugu and Bengali. A sequel of this movie was announced in 2014 .


This is the story of Preetam and Nandani, a romantic couple. Preetam falls love at first sight for Nandani, when he sees her at the mall. She is unaware of that. He leaves with her mother to attend her mother’s best friend’s daughter. There he met Nandani accidently. Later he finds that she is would be bride. They spent some time together and meanwhile his mother come to know about her son’s love towards Nandani. She rejects his love but later accepts that. Their story goes on as the marriage date approaches. This film beautifully describes ups and downs of a couple’s life.


Romantic floured story with spice of monsoon is the best combination for success of any movie. Even this is not enough, extra garnishing with fantastic photography done by Krishna. We can say it is the best ever combination for a film to be box-office blockbuster. It beaked every record made earlier. This was a low budget movie of 70 lakh but its box-office collection was only 75 crore. In fact over 200,000 copies were sold in compact discs in just 5-6 months. Comparing with other will be wrong but we can say that this project will be evergreen like other movies of Indian cinema.

Star performances

Extraordinary cinematography by Krishna, melodious tunes composed by Mano Murthy Mano Murthy was born in Bangalore in Karnataka, In >> Read More... Mano Murthy and outstanding performance by all actors are some exiting features of this movie, which make it different from other. Ganesh did his debut in the film industry through this movie. As he was a well known face from the series comedy time, he was already known to her fans. Everyone was just waiting for his movie to launch. Through this work, he increased the number of her fans. Now, talking about Sanjana, her work is not so impressive in this movie. Her effort or say work got faded in front of outstanding performance by Ganesh. Story Story is written by Yogiraj Bhat and Preetam Gubbi, which gives a romantic flower to the industry. Romantic storyline along with monsoon gives a lovely atmosphere.

What’s there to watch?

1. You will love to enjoy lilting music .

2. film rocks because fantastic photography by Krishna.

3. A beautiful and evergreen love story like other romantic scripts.

What’s not there?

1. A proper storyline and weak script.

2. Second half is quite boring and ending is uninspiring.

3. The actress of this film is also a drawback.


As a whole we can say this is worth watching. For romantic film lovers this is the best choice.