Deepu S. Kumar is a South Indian film editor who works in the Kannada film industry. He has worked with Kannada directors like- ‘ Duniya Soori’, ‘ Harsha’, ‘Yograj Bhat’ and many others in movies like ‘ Jackie’, ‘ Bahaddur’, ‘ Vajrakaya’ and many others. Deepu married Sudha Deepu on 19th August 2007 with whom he has two children. They live in Bangalore. Deepu made his film debut as a film editor with the movie ‘ Mungaru Male’ written and directed by Yograj Bhat. The film hit the screens on 29th December 2006. He also worked in Bhat’s ‘ Dana Kayonu’ in 2016. Deepu worked under director Duniya Soori in the film ‘ Duniya’. The movie hit the screens on 23rd February 2007 and won three awards.

After the success of the film, Deepu edited more of Soori’s movies like ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’ in 2008, ‘Jackie’ in 2010 and ‘ Kaddipudi’ in 2013,which was nominated for two Filmfare Awards in 2014. Deepu edited the movie- ‘Johnny Mera Naam Preetham Mera Kaam’ which was written and directed by Preetham Gubbi. The movie hit the screens on 3rd June 2011. Deepu also worked in Gubbi’s ‘Jaanu’ in 2012. Deepu was the editor of ‘ Chingari’ which was written and directed by Harsha. The film hit the screens on 3rd February 2012. He also worked in Harsha’s ‘Vajrakaya’ in2015 which was nominated for two awards. Deepu worked under director and writer A. P. Arjun, for his movie ‘Addhuri’. The movie hit the screens on 15th June 2012 and was nominated for five Filmfare Awards in 2013.

Deepu also edited Arjun’s ‘ Rhaatee’ in 2015 and is working under Imran Sardhariya for his upcoming movie ‘ Uppu Huli Khara’. Deepu edited Chethan Kumar’s ‘Bahaddur’ which was his debut film as a writer and director. The film hit the screens on 3rd October 2014 and was nominated for six South Indian International Movie Awards in 2015. Deepu worked under the writer and director Imran Sardhariya, for his movie ‘ Endendigu’. The film hit the screens on 1st May 2015 and was nominated for one South Indian International Movie Award in 2015. Deepu is also editing Imran’s movie ‘Uppu Huli Khara’ which is expected to release on 14th April 2017. Deepu also edited movies like ‘Gulama’ in 2009, ‘Hudugara’ in 2011, ‘ Whistle’ in 2013, ‘ Goa’ in 2015, ‘ RX Suri’ in 2015, ‘ Srikanta’ in 2017, ‘ Hebbuli’ in 2017 and ‘ Happy New Year’ in 2017. He also edited the short film ‘Naalu Mazhapaatakal’ in 2009. Deepu’s latest project is ‘Bangara S/O Bangadha Manushya’.