Plot Vaada Raha is a story that revolves around Bobby Deol who is a doctor researching on cancer He is in love with Kangana Ranaut and they are on the verge

Vaada Raha Movie Review

Vaada Raha Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Vaada Raha"
Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-09-2009
Genre: Romance
3.5 / 5.0



Plot: Vaada Raha is a story that revolves around Bobby Deol, who is a doctor researching on cancer. He is in love with Kangana Ranaut, and they are on the verge of getting married. As fate would have it, one day Bobby meets with an accident and gets paralyzed. Kangana calls of their marriage and breaks up with him. He has no friends to help him. Frustrated with life, he does not take medicines for cure and lies all day in the hospital bed. Dwij Yadav, a mischievous kid, comes into Bobby’s life and changes the way he sees life. Bobby starts to feel better and gets cured. Bobby comes to know that Roshan is a cancer patient and keeping aside his own sorrow has helped Bobby to get cured. Is Roshan saved? Watch the film to know the end.

Analysis:  Vaada Raha is a film, created from a Russian tale. The three movies directed by Samir Karnik, including Vaada Raha, are intellectual. The film is a tragedy that has out shaped really well. The characters evoke sympathy and make us feel their pain. At the end of the movie, we will, for sure, start to have hope for the survival of the characters.

Star Performances: Bobby Deol has acted exceptionally well and this one of his best work so far. Binod Pradhan’s cinematography is first rate and gives life to the film. Dwij Yadav as the small boy does satisfying work, and he has a potential to become a star. Kangana Ranaut could have had more scope to showcase her skills.

What's There?  Bobby Deol’s acting is the best thing to look out for in the film. Cinematography makes the film stand tall. The screenplay is effectual.

What's Not There? The music spoils the mood of the film. It could have been better. The script is amateurish. It is hard to digest the fact that Kangana does not even visit Bobby when he meets with the accident.

Verdict: Watch the film for Bobby’s acting and story.