Plot nbsp Uvaa is a story of five unmanageable spoiled teenagers- nbsp Vikrant Rai Rohan Mehra Lavin Gothi Mohit Baghel and Bhupendra nbsp quot Megh quot

Uvaa Movie Review

Uvaa Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Uvaa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-06-2015
2.5 / 5.0

Plot:  Uvaa is a story of five unmanageable, spoiled teenagers- Vikrant Rai, Rohan Mehra, Lavin Gothi, Mohit Baghel and Bhupendra "Megh" Singh. Concerned about their future, their respective families send them off to another city to study in a boarding school. Initially, the boys are shy and hesitant but then get accustomed to the place. The boys get attracted to their peer. One night, they go to a girl’s place for a sleepover. They wander off at night and come across a raped female, who turns out to be their principal’s daughter. This encounter changes the lives of the boys completely. They have to prove themselves innocent to escape from the harsh charges of the law. How do they do that? What happens next? Watch the film to know more.

Analysis: The film has an unusual plot but has not been taken in an interesting way. The director should not have been this lethargic. The first half is conventional with the customary seductive scenes, bullying the weaker characters and making fun out of them and some naughty, stupid things done by the boys. The second half has a few twist and turns and is a bit entertaining comparatively. The climax is the most compelling scene in the movie. The punishment for rape depicted in the climax will win applause.

Star Performances: The five young actors are dynamic and have put up a decent show. Om Puri as their uncle ji has very few scenes and does not have much scope to show his skills. Archana Puran Singh as the lawyer also could have been given more importance. Jimmy Shergill performs efficaciously in the climax.

What's There? 

1.The movie has an unconventional plot.

2.The song ‘Vande Mataram’ stands out and is the only good song in the film.

3.The climax is convincing and reliable.

What's Not There: 

1.The songs are usual and ordinary.

2.The clumsy direction and incompetent script ruin the film.

3.The comedy scenes could have been really funny.

Verdict: Result of a worthy script in the hands of a unskillful team.