ROY the film directed by Vikramjit Singh Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez are featured in the lead roles The title role is played by Ranbir Kapoor Sher

Roy Movie Review

Roy Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Roy"
Runtime: 2 Hours 28 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-02-2015
Genre: Romance, Thriller
2.5 / 5.0

ROY, the film directed by Vikramjit Singh. Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez are featured in the lead roles. The title role is played by Ranbir Kapoor. Shernaz Patel, Rajit Kapur, and Anupam Kher have played in the supportive roles. The movie is all about a dedicated movie writer about thefts and robberies.


The movie starts on screening Kabir Garewal (Arjun Rampal) who is a film maker. He meets Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez) when he goes to Malaysia for his movie shoot. They both get to know each other and soon fall in love. Ayesha, who knows Kabir, is a Casanovas breaks up with him. Depressed Kabir returns to Mumbai leaving the movie incomplete. Kabir fails to find the climax of his movie. His assistant Meera (Shernaz Patel) suggests him to attend a film festival. Screening of Ayesha’s movie is found there. After the death of Anupam Kher (Kabir father) and upon getting screwed by the film financier he decides to move on. In the other scenes, Roy (Ranbir Kapoor) is screened as an international art thief whom detective Wadia (Rajit Kapur) and others fail to catch. He fixes his next mission to rob expensive painting which is there in Tia’s (Jacqueline Fernandez) mansion. He traps her, and both become friends. One fine night the opportunist Roy escapes with the painting. At the later scenes, he realizes that he is in love with Tia and regrets for his work. Tia finds Roy being changed man forgives and accepts him after receiving the painting. Here parallelly Kabir is successful in his movie Gun 3. Roy is the character in Kabir’s movie which is revealed. And Roy and Tia’s story is the movie script. Kabir and Ayesha get united, and the climax shows Roy and Tia walking the bridge as in the painting.


The song in the movie was hit. They are blissful, and the feel remains in you. Roy in the movie is a character that Kabir made up since from his childhood. The audiences are confused and put to a taught with the characters in the movie. It takes a transformation with two stories. It seems like we saw the characters that actually didn't exist. Ranbir Kapoor, who was shown on the film posters made, look like a lead role but which is not seen in the film. The characters are left puzzled and by the time you think to solve the movie are over. PERFORMANCES Jacqueline Fernandez plays twin role in the film. She is enacted well with both the hero. She has surprised with her chick looks. Arjun Rampal carries shades of gray in the role than he appears. Ranbir Kapoor is seen only little in the movie, but he caught the attention. His character in the film has made noise. Anupam Kher is also played well as the cameo. Here the movie has interesting characters than the script. The director Vikram has failed in a smooth transformation of the stories that flip in the movie.


It has the elements of a Bollywood movie. The film features betrayal, love, romance, and emotions. The music is the tribute for the movie.


The flip-flop change in the story that film contains in not carried out smooth, the transformation can be better.


The valentines can opt the film. A good love entertaining