Plot The movie is a horror take on the competition among actresses This movie talks about Shanaya an actress who is at the peak of her career and all cards a

Raaz 3 Movie Review

Raaz 3 Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Raaz 3"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 07-09-2012
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
2.25 / 5.0


The movie is a horror take on the competition among actresses. This movie talks about Shanaya, an actress who is at the peak of her career and all cards are in her favor. She is in love with a director; Aditya. However, her golden age begins to fall when a young actress, Sanjana, makes her debut. Eventually, the tables turn and everything Shanaya once had, Sanjana begins to get, including Aditya. Shanaya burns down in envy and begins to going crazy. She finds her rescue in black magic. She begins to delve deep into it and apply it on Sanjana, to ruin her life and force her to commit suicide. The guru she is taking help from asks her to give Sanjana a poison from the hands of someone she loves and trusts. Shanaya manages to seduce Aditya to do so. Will Aditya give Sanjana the poison? Will Sanjana die? Can Shanaya be cured of her obsessiveness? Who will win; envy and dark magic or love? To unravel these questions, do watch the movie.

Star performances

Bipasha Basu has done this genre, not for the first time, and she does seem to fit well into the mood and the horror in the scenes. Emran Hashmi too was was in Raaz- The mystery continues, so he also did a good job for what was given. All in all, all the actors acted in complete fairness.


Raaz 3 has a completely different take on the feelings of a woman. It looks at the negative part, and that’s really interesting. As a sequel to the previous two extremely horrifying movies, this one fails to meet the standards by a small degree. The movie fails to capture the audience to a great extent. Perhaps, Vikram Bhatt sought refuge in his technology.


What’s there? 

The movie is one of the few in Bollywood that used 3D. And the effects given were fantastic. They gave the scenes so much more horror than it was actually there. Some scenes are truly breathtaking.

What’s not there? 

The script could have been way better with such a brilliant storyline. 


This movie is a good watch if you don’t like too much of horror but still wish to watch this genre.