Plot The movie begins with an American seeing a Pandit being slit and Om is written on him in the temple of Kalindi We are then shown model Nandita who is

Raaz – The Mystery Continues Movie Review

Raaz – The Mystery Continues Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Raaz – The Mystery Continues"
Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 23-01-2009
Genre: Horror
3 / 5.0


The movie begins with an American seeing a Pandit being slit and Om is written on him, in the temple of Kalindi. We are then shown model, Nandita, who is in love with a television director who hosts a tv show called “Andhvishwas.” Nandita meets Prithvi, an artist, who tells her that he made a painting of a girl who actually was her. He advises her to be aware of any danger. On the other hand, the American, who had seen the Pandit hangs himself in his own factory with “Tum ashudh ho, andar se sadh chuke ho.” Nandita’s life completely changes when she is haunted by a spirit who makes her do wild things. Nandita and Prithvi leave for the temple and to look for the truth and find out what is happening to her. On their journey, they encounter a few ghostly accidents. What will happen to Nandita? Whom does the spirit belong to? Why were these people killed? How did Prithvi know about her? Why was the spirit haunting Nandita? To answer these questions, do watch the movie.

Star performances:

Kangana Ranaut does a fantastic job in portraying her character. Even when being possessed, she manages to scare the audiences to death. Very well done and she does live up to the standards she set with Fashion. Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan Suman, on the other hand, do equal justice to their respective characters, and they do an amazing job.


The movie takes nothing from its first version, RAAZ (2002), except for the spookiness. The entire movie brings out horror, fear, and spookiness in the most amazing manner. Mohit Suri has done a spectacular job with each of the scenes. Although, there is nothing new about the plot, the direction, cinematography, and music, manage to take the audience’s breath away in many scenes. The movie does complete justice to the genre, and it is put together very well, though not as well as movies such as RAAZ and 1920, from the same producers.
What’s there?

The music, silences, and angles at which the movie is cinematographed, make the horror experience worth it. The direction is also great. In the end, the main motive of the spirit is not the conventional one, although it may seem similar, and that is interesting.

What’s not there? 

The end sequence is really clumsy and not well shown. It drops the movie. The songs could also be better. The storyline could have more twists to make it non-conventional.

A good movie for a great horror experience.