It's a Wonderful Afterlife Movie Review

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " It's a Wonderful Afterlife"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 07-05-2010
Genre: Drama
2.75 / 5.0

The film is a comedy which uses satire and humor to tell the story of a widow who brutally kills all the people who call her daughter too ‘fat’ or ‘big’ to get married.


Indian mom Mrs. Sethi ( Shabana Azmi) has furiously murdered all the people who have been nasty to her daughter Roopi ( Goldy Notay), whose been rejected by a lot of men.

These people come back as ghosts, looking for Mrs. Sethi to kill her, and finally, rest in peace.


The movie is a magical realist comedy, which is perceived as unbelievable and not realist at all. There were badly composed scenes and sick humor, which might bore a lot of viewers.

The director, Chadha, has tried to incorporate as much masala and fun, as he could, however, he failed to direct and implement it properly.

Star Performances:

Shabana Azmi tried her level best, to give justice to her role.

However, she was bound by the script, which dragged her performance to a lower level.

The supporting actors, however, did a decent job, while Goldy Notay balanced the movie with her acting skills.

What’s there?

Goldy’s character is build up carefully. The movie is a mix of two cultures.

While it is a British movie, it centers around the life of Indians with some Punjabi dialogues carefully put in to add a little bit of zeal to the movie.

What’s not there?

The movie is stretched out and is too boring to function. The writing and the production could have been better.

The movie is more of a mishmash of outdated ideas from other films. The jokes and the humor doesn’t make the movie better. The jokes are outdated and senseless.


The movie is senseless and a bit confusing. It’s stereotypical and a bit exaggerated. It is a time-pass movie, and can be watched if you’re super bored.