Pretty Sonam Is A Director's Actress

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Pretty Sonam Is A Director's Actress

Actress Sonam Kapoor would surely be a happy soul after her recent release Neerja opened to good reviews from critics and audiences alike. Not only that it had a rocking opening which is indeed a welcoming sign that the Indian audience is all for such content-driven real life inspirations.

Sonam Kapoor, who plays the titular role in Neerja, which is well-supported by the veteran Shabana Azmi, opened up recently that she acts accordingly to what the director says and ultimately her performance can be credited to the captain of the ship. Sonam, when questioned about the compliment that she cherishes replied that it is from her director Ram Madhvani. In fact, she used to get feedback from him every day. Ultimately, her director should take the credit whether her performance is good or bad in the movie.

Sonam had said that she was dismayed that her movie didn’t even get the attention of the censor in Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan had given the Tamgha-e-Insaniyat award to Neerja  Bhanot first. And Sonam has enunciated that everyone in the world should see Neerja; it should reach to the masses as it is a movie for the people.  She also added that Pakistan was portrayed in a good light in the movie. 

A point to be noted is that Sonam had taken training for essaying the character of a flight attendant.