The movie is the continuation of the first movie and takes off directly from where the first movie ended It gives a nice closure to the series and is a film wo

Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2 Movie Review

Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2"
Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 08-08-2012
Genre: Crime, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0

The movie is the continuation of the first movie and takes off directly from where the first movie ended. It gives a nice closure to the series and is a film worth watching. If you liked the first one, then the second one definitely won't disappoint.


The film starts with the murder of Sardar Khan. His elder son, vows to take revenge, in the process of which he gets killed, leaving it on Faizal's shoulder to take revenge. After deceitfully killing Fazlu, he proves that he is capable of continuing his father's business and is feared by most of the public and other goons. After marrying Mohsina( Huma Qureshi), he starts a joint business with Shamshad Khan( Rajkumar Rao), who runs his own transport business. Shamshad has ulterior motives of his own which Faizal is not aware of. Ramdir Singh sides with Shamshad at the nick of time when his business gets exposed, and they succeed in trapping Faizal. From here the story has many twists, and we have to wait till the end of the movie to figure if Faizal manages to take his revenge and how?


The movie doesn't leave much to complain about. The script is taut and doesn't have any loopholes. Like the first part, the story is interesting and keeps us at the edge of our seats. Our curiosity increases with every passing minute. Though it is a revenge drama, it still appears fresh, with witty one liners and unpredictable twists. Cinematography in capturing the city of Wasseypur is top notch. Though he is not seen on screen, Anurag Kashyap steals the show, as it is his flawless direction that makes this movie a definite watch. The songs are rustic pieces, which have a rural touch to them, and adds on to the flavor of the movie. Editing could have been crisper to reduce the length of the movie.

What's there and not there It is overall an entertaining watch and very convincing. The action scenes are well directed, and the story has a lot to offer. It becomes little repetitive and stretches for too long at times. The amount of violence and gore bends towards the extreme and might not be suitable for all viewers. The amount of violence could have been toned down, and it's frequency could have been reduced. The stellar performance of Nawazzudin Siddiqui and Rajkumar Rao is something to watch out for Star Performances It is completely a Nawazzudin Siddiqui's movie. He was the ideal choice for this role, and he gets into the skin of his character and does complete justice to his role. Huma Qureshi and Richa Chadda are convincing in their roles and do a fair job. Huma Qureshi being a new-comer is pretty impressive. Though Rajkumar Rao acts well, his character looks urbaner compared to the other characters who are more rustic. The other side actors are good in their respective roles.

Verdict Though this movie is not as good as the first, the star performances and the overall closure to the story makes it a must watch.