Plot The plot follows the story of Sakshi a Maharashtrian housewife who constantly suffers through indifference from her husband and losing the sense of res

English Vinglish Movie Review

English Vinglish Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " English Vinglish"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 05-10-2012
Genre: Comedy Drama
4 / 5.0

Plot : The plot follows the story of Sakshi, a Maharashtrian housewife, who constantly suffers through indifference from her husband and losing the sense of respect from her children. They hate the fact that she can’t pronounce normal English words like ‘jazz’. What happens when such a quiet housewife suddenly roles into an English class in America, where her "ladoo" making business apparently earns her the title of an entrepreneur, a word she can’t even spell properly? Will she be able to come out as a confident woman she really is?

Analysis : Gauri Shinde has broken all Bollywood stereotypes and shown us, what a beautiful movie should be really made of. It doesn’t need the same old love story or a crappy family drama. This movie is unique and oh so beautiful in its uniqueness. The plot, to the punch lines, to the comic timing of every actor, its perfect. The storyline is beautiful and makes you want to go hug your mother. The music by Amit Trivedi is amazing and makes you instantly tap your feet. The cinematography is another brilliant thing about the movie. The dialogues are very strong, and take the movie to another level. The awesome editing done by Hemanti Sarkar elevates the heights of the film further.

Star Performances: Sridevi is back with a bang. She acts so perfectly that you feel everything her character does. All emotions like the humiliation, the determination, and the final success. Everything. The role seems to be written for her and just her. Priya Anand is charming and perfect in her role. Mehdi Nebbou is remarkable as Shashi's classmate, and, with his charm, proves to be the perfect antithesis to the neglectful husband

What's There?

 1. A very strong plotline, brilliant execution.

 2. Powerful acting.

 3. Kudos to the editing and the cinematography team, because it takes the film to another level.


The climax, sticks to typical Bollywood ways. Though Sakshi, not giving herself into the temptation to give love second chance, is something which could have been justified. The film doesn’t even allow her a blush or two at the compliments were given to her by him, which seems pretty weary of human nature and seems unjustified.

VERDICT: This movie can be watched by anyone and everyone who love good, funny and smart cinema. A must watch that shouldn’t be missed!