Delhi Belly is like a colorful rash, if you scratch it, you would end up scraping out awesomeness. It s not a life-changing experience but certainly a breathtak

Delhi Belly Movie Review

Delhi Belly Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Delhi Belly"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 01-07-2011
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Crime
3.5 / 5.0

Delhi Belly Click to look into! >> Read More... Delhi Belly is like a colorful rash, if you scratch it, you would end up scraping out awesomeness. It’s not a life-changing experience but certainly a breathtaking one, because I guarantee, you will be out of breath laughing every five minutes of the movie thinking about the previous five minutes of the movie. And there’s more.

PLOT: ‘Tashi’ is a small time journalist played by Imran Khan Imran Khan is an Indian film actor, who is famous >> Read More... Imran Khan , who lives with his friends, ‘Nitin’ and ‘Arup’, in a dungeon looking disarrayed cheap apartment in Delhi. Kunal Roy plays ‘Nitin’. His propinquity to absurdity was cheered with laughter. None other than the heartbeat of Indian English stand-up comedy industry, Vir Das Vir is a stand-up comedian and actor. He is known >> Read More... Vir Das , plays ‘Arup’. He is a cartoonist on the steady payroll but at the lower end of the food chain. They lead a broken lifestyle. Without a prodigy, struggling to catch a break. Trying to pay rent on time.

Their basic day-to-day problems have become like a chewing gum that they keep chewing and are too lazy to spit out. Tashi’s girlfriend Sonia is a happy-go-lucky person who is semi-mysteriously handed out a package, by a Russian, to deliver. Unaware of the value of the package, she treats it like a quotidian parcel. Sonia meets Tashi the same day, to announce that he needs to meet her parents for lunch. Like a spoilt brat kid that she is, she dumps the responsibility on Tashi to deliver the package. As a “busy” journalist that Tashi is, he dumps the same responsibility on Nitin. As a careless street food lover that Nitin is poisoned by stale fried chicken, he appoints Arup on the job against his will. Also, he asks Arup to take his excretion sample to the doctor. A simple mix up takes place resulting Arup to deliver the packages wrongly, and all hell breaks loose.

This is the point when the fits of laughter grow harder in the audience, and panic becomes even harder in the characters. During the lunch, Tashi is introduced to Sonia’s parents and surprisingly enough his own parents are also present. Then and there, their parents fix wedding date for Sonia and Tashi, without even Tashi’s proper consent. Tashi agrees but feels suffocated in the relationship. Later, Tashi finds a new love interest in the form of a fellow journalist, Menaka (who would soon become a partner in crime). Meanwhile, Arup finds out that his girlfriend is getting married to an NRI. Pressure from work and now this. Arup, heartbroken and distressed, brings a change in his life - He shaves his head. Nitin on the other hand, in disguise, frames and blackmails their landlord for adultery. So that he can skip paying rents…forever. Midst of all the hassle, a criminal lord, ‘Cowboy’ is hunting them. What was in the package? Will Tashi be man enough to say ‘NO’ to Sonia? Why are they being hunted? What does the criminal Lord want from them? And again…what was in the package really? Watch an artistic comedy blockbuster ahead of its time, Delhi Belly Now.

ANALYSIS: Post watching the film, you’ll think to yourself - “how did they make fart jokes so classy?” Yes, they made everything look & sound so classy. Every frame, dialogue delivery, performance, makeup, choice of locations and screenplay, felt very much like a controlled explosion. This film has emerged as a fine example of brilliance in visual comedy. People have been so patient with the never-ending years of slapstick comedy in Bollywood. Delhi Belly is a wake-up call for both the film makers and the audience to start thinking “what is funny?” Persistent chaos during frequent jolts of laughter. This movie has nailed it right. Even the antagonist and his criminal associates are funny in their own ways. Use of props has been done wisely. Wise thinking has gone into curving the character arcs beautifully towards the end. The cinematography was an ace work, with cleverly planned shots to demonstrate confusion and humor visually.

PERFORMANCE: Imran Khan apotheosized his character from the beginning till the end. He has finally put his heart to sync with his face unlike his previous films as ‘ Luck Click to look into! >> Read More... Luck ’ & ‘ Kidnap Click to look into! >> Read More... Kidnap ’ where he had ample of dialogues to fall back on. Vir Das is simply funny as always. We all had our unbearable moments at work, and so did Arup. This makes us, the audience, to connect with that character frequently. Kunal Roy brings the essence to the film, the rawness of reality. Some might say it’s disgusting and unhealthy for the Indian audience, but that’s the whole point of the film. He is a semi-arrogant photojournalist who sticks with old fashioned ‘film photography camera’ instead of a digital camera in this hi-tech age. That’s a nice little touch to portray character’s arrogant nature Mr. Abhinay Deo Abhinay Deo is an Indian commercial director who l >> Read More... Abhinay Deo and Akshat Verma Akshat Verma is the Indian actor and writer who ma >> Read More... Akshat Verma - the directors. Shenaz Treasury as Sonia and Poorna Jagannathan Poorna Jagannathan is a brilliant American actress >> Read More... Poorna Jagannathan as Menaka, both fit in well as the pieces of a puzzle. The key factor that completes the film, as a whole, was ‘Cowboy’, played by Vijay Raaz Vijay Raaz (Born: 5th June 1963) is an Indian film >> Read More... Vijay Raaz . He lives up to the reputation as an actor and keeps us entertained as an antagonist.

PROS: The casting is very mature; hence, the visual pleasure is enhanced. The one-liner style dialogues are the catalyst of the story. Both slapstick and intelligent comedy lovers can watch it. You-will-not-be-bored. Period.

CONS: The recurring trumpet music to fill the void in pursue of “comedy” through music was a fail to an extent. Although you can overlook it. Music is good for the rest of the film. NOT a family movie.

VERDICT: Delhi Belly prevails as the best comedy hit of 2011. Add it to your ‘Must Watch’ list of films.