Blue Mountains is a Bollywood entertainer scripted and directed by Suman Ganguli Besides scripting and directing Suman has penned the screenplay along with I

Blue Mountains Movie Review

Blue Mountains Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Blue Mountains"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 07-04-2017
Genre: Drama, Musical, Family
2 / 5.0



Blue Mountains is a Bollywood entertainer, scripted and directed by Suman Ganguli. Besides scripting and directing, Suman has penned the screenplay along with Indranil Goswami. Rajesh Kumar Jain produced the film. The music composition is by Sundeep – Surya, Monty Sharma Monty Sharma was born in India’s financial capital >> Read More... and Adesh Shrivastava. Chandrashekhar Rath is the cinematographer of the Blue Mountains. The film features Ranvir Shorey Intro: Ranvir Shorey is a popular Indian movies ac >> Read More... , Gracy Singh Gracy Singh is a brilliant dancer and actress who >> Read More... , Simran Sharma Actor Bio Coming Soon ...... Check back later. >> Read More... , Rajpal Yadav Rajpal Yadav, the hilarious Indian movie actor, ac >> Read More... , Arif Zakaria With roles in chunauti, Karambhoomi, mrityudand, D >> Read More... , Yatharth Ratnum Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Mahesh Thakur Mahesh Thakur who has been in industry for 19 year >> Read More... and Sanjeev Rathore.


Som gets the chance to participate in the reality show, Raaga Rocks. Som’s mother had been a talented singer in the past, but her talent was not recognized. When Som gets the chance to participate in the talent hunt, she feels as if her dreams will be fulfilled through her son. Despite her husband’s advice not to spoil their kid’s education, she starts to Mumbai with Som. But, their popularity thirst didn’t get quenched as Som’s attempt failed. So, they return home with a sad note. How were they treated at their hometown? Did Som continue his music journey? Watch the Blue Mountains!

Star Performances

Blue Mountains is full of music performance and not the acting performance.


Suman Ganguli might have chosen this script to encourage the people, who fail in their first attempt. But it gives a dreary feeling when we heard the competitors repeatedly singing in the competitions. Suman could have avoided a huge music show and concentrated on the performance side.

What’s There?

  • Music… Music and Music
  • The return of Gracy Singh

What’s Not There?

  • Suman could’ve zoomed out the acting talent of Ratnum
  • Poor screenplay makes the people lose their temper


Although it is planned as a motivational movie for the youngsters, the movie fails to impress. Even the music lovers feel irritated! Blue Mountains… Is not so cool!