A sweet little kid, from Punjab with dreams bigger than ever; is a nice way to sum up about ‘Rishabh Sharma’. Apart from his mother, he had a family who didn’t support him much but he toiled to get through the acting field and make his own career. He has been really talented and expressive since his childhood. Rishabh’s Mother has been the backbone to him, all throughout and she is the one who found the spark in him and was keen on enhancing his talent and hence she started encouraging him. The best part is that, Rishabh’s mother did not make him concentrate any less on his studies. He started with a small advertisement for “Crax Chips” and then offers followed. Now, he has worked for serials and movies like, ‘Mrs. Tendulkar’ and ‘Kaali–Ek Agnipariksha’. Rishabh is one of those children, who has taken a huge step ahead, to get into the acting industry and is now achieving great success. He has also motivates a lot of kids and also believes in the fact that, ‘anyone can achieve what they want, if they work hard for it’. You can get inspired from this kid and start working towards your dream as well. There are so many people who are trying to be successful in their respective fields. Rishabh has motivated many people by making big at such a young age.