Nicholas Cage and Elijah Woods add yet another feather to their caps with the roles of two officers of the Las Vegas Police Department who investigate a drug in

The Trust Movie Review

The Trust Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Trust"
Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 13-05-2016
Genre: Horror, Thriller
2.5 / 5.0



  • Director:
  • Dan Bush
  • Movie-Actor:
  • James D Smith Jr
  • Eric Heister
  • Avo Jabourian
  • Allyson Newell
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Jack Huston
  • Elijah Wood
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Jack Huston
  • Jay Hieron

Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood Elijah Jordan Wood is an actor from Hollywood, and >> Read More... Elijah Wood s add yet another feather to their caps with the roles of two officers of the Las Vegas Police Department who investigate a drug invasion which leads them to a mysterious vault filled with a plethora of assets.

Plot: The directorial debut of brothers, Alex Brewer, and Benjamin Brewer, the movie begins with two officers of the evidence section of the Las Vegas Police Department, Nicholas Cage as Lieutenant Jim Stone and Elijah Woods in the role of Sergeant David Waters. The officers lead a weary life, finding it hard to earn a living and truly are bored to the core. As the movie proceeds, Lieutenant Stone (Cage) stumbles upon a hefty amount of money mentioned in the bail receipt of some drug dealer. At this point, the major story of discovering the haunt of this drug dealer and his huge catch of wealth make up for an intriguing crime thriller. The two officers portrayed by Cage and Woods conduct undercover research and discover a large safe in the back area of an industrial freezer in a building where the drug dealer has stashed all his assets.

The two cops acquire illegal arms as well as a drill with a diamond tip to break in the vault which was the final storage place for all of the drug dealer’s riches. They eventually break in the safe and gather some of the loot while a female held hostage by them is allowed to make a phone call under the pretense that it is to her husband but which proves to have dire consequences for the two male protagonists. The entire story of Cage and Woods ravishing the vault and whether escaping alive or not makes up for quite a thrilling watch. The last note to the movie is the sight of the badges of the two officers hanging in their room of the Las Vegas Police Department. What turn their lives take to reach the end and where does fate lead them, questioning and testing the element of “trust” is for the audience to see and discover.

Analysis: Though “ The Trust Click to look into! >> Read More... The Trust ” is a debut directorial venture of the Brewer brothers, they manage to spin a movie which handles crime, thrilling factors and also a bit of humor with ease. It might have its setbacks because the script is quite weak in certain spots where they do not put to use the entire potential of their star cast or where cameos done by other actors are for very inappreciable durations. To do justice to the analysis, the movie does manage to instill a sense of thrill among the audience. The music by Reza Safinia adds a realistic touch to it.

Star Performances: The pair of Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood prove their mettle in the movie as well. Though Nicholas Cage can boast of many brilliant performances and this one is also not a disappointment for his fans. The female star, Sky Ferreira also does justice to the role set for her.

What’s There: Apart from the crime thriller that the movie is, there is also a bit of the comic element, which provides a break from the dark crime scene visuals. The music supports the visuals giving the audience something to look for.

What’s Not There: The ending of the movie is somewhat disappointing though it actually, brings out the theme of trust but is not what audience would like to see. The guest appearances are for quite short durations. Apart from the fact that the script is quite compelling, it does not call for over thinking on an intellectual level. It is more in the likes of, ‘sit back, watch the movie and enjoy!’

Verdict: The final say on “The Trust” would be that Nicholas Cage and Elijah Woods form an appreciable pair with the perfect blend of humor and seriousness that their characters require. Overall, an earnest effort by the directors and the star cast making the movie a pleasant, entertaining and thrilling watch.