A brothers duo who tries to prove the innocence of a falsely accused convict but eventually gets trouble by the convict himself Plot Ward Jansen an inve

The Paperboy Movie Review

The Paperboy Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " The Paperboy"
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-10-2012
Genre: Crime, Drama
1.5 / 5.0

A brothers duo, who tries to prove the innocence of a falsely accused convict, but eventually gets trouble by the convict himself!


Ward Jansen, an investigator for Miami times along with his brother, Jack Jansen, a paper boy, tries to prove Hillary Van Wetter as a guilt-free person. Van Wetter got accused of murdering a local sheriff, Thurmond Call, who killed Wetter’s cousin brutally.

Ward’s colleague Yardley, who is also an investigator working with Miami times, and Charlotte, who is in love with Van Wetter, are giving company to the Jansens. Meanwhile, Jack falls in love with Charlotte. Whereas Charlotte goes to Van Wetter once, he gets released. But later she feels awkward to be with him. She writes a letter to Jack, and the Jansens goes for her rescue. During the duel between Van Wetter and the trio, Ward and Charlotte get killed, and Jack escapes in the swamp.

Later Van Wetter gets arrested. A 1995 novel known as ‘ The Paperboy’, written by Dexter, is the inspiration for this movie. Frankly speaking, few of the scenes were so annoying and embarrassing. There comes a scene where Kidman pisses on Zac to cure a sting, and another scene where she does some sexual acts in a crowded prison. It is so agonizing to see such a high profile perform cheap acts on screen. This movie does not give us a good appeal to our eyes, rather makes us to get uneasy. This movie is narrated from Anita’s point of view, who is the maid working in Jansen family’s home. At times, each of the characters uses different accents, which cannot be understood. The director does not concentrate on one character as a protagonist. Since his previous venture got nominated for Oscar, the expectation on him rose high, and top artists were willing to work in his films. Unfortunately, the sound effects overshadow the dialogues, and the latter gets unnoticed at times.


A useless package of sex, racism, and murder!