Prasanna’s Director Posts Positive To Energize The Fellow Filmmakers!

Monday, April 13th, 2020

Prasanna’s Director Posts Positive To Energize The Fellow Filmmakers!

Arun Vaidyanathan Arun Vaidyanathan is an American cum Indian direct >> Read More... Arun Vaidyanathan , who turned director with Achchamundu! Achchamundu! That has “ Sneha Suhasini R. Naidu, more popularly known by her scr >> Read More... Sneha ” and “ Prasanna Prasanna is a South Indian actor who was born on 2 >> Read More... Prasanna ” in the lead roles had also directed a Malayalam film, “ Peruchazhi Click to look into! >> Read More... Peruchazhi ” and a Tamil and Kannada bilingual, “Nibunan” / “Vismaya.” He had also penned the script and produced Kalyana Samayal Saadham Click to look into! >> Read More... Kalyana Samayal Saadham directed by RS Prasanna. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, many movie makers had been facing a tough situation like other industries. Many films are halted and a lot of daily wage workers are also suffering a lot. Arun wrote an energetic post to motivate the fellow filmmakers.

Here is his Facebook post: “To the fellow filmmakers, who are all in midst of production and post production, I know the pain of hanging in the air without an outcome for the rest of the year. Especially small and mid films will be affected heavily. But don't loose heart or patience.... The one thing this industry has taught all of us, patience and perseverance is the key. If possible, re write certain scenes and keep yourself ready for certain budget cuts, without compromising the vision.

To the filmmakers, who are in pre production, please be glad that you haven't started investing your money or time in something which doesn't know the market realities as of yet. Delay in starting the project is never an issue.

Film industry, although people say its non positive people will look for entertainment once things settle down and theatres are the main source of entertainment. OTT platforms are also coming up with ideas to expand and explore good content.

When we started NIBUNAN, as soon as the first schedule is over, Vardha cyclone took over India and we had to wait four months to re start the shoot. Once we re started next schedule, there were several challenges like loosing locations, money inflow but somehow finished second schedule. The days were so hard when we had to cancel the shoot and I personally called all the lead actors, technicians since I wanted to inform them by myself. They felt the pain too and cooperated as much as they can.

Finally, after several challenges....we finished the last schedule. After the first round of edit, we did two days of few pick up shots and for each and everything, we were scrambling to assemble people, shoot and finish. Some people were so uncourteous, some were very supportive and we had to cross everything with few bruises.

When we finished everything, film industry went on to a strike and our release was postponed just like that for three months.

Everytime I fell down heavily, I just was telling myself....'Keep at it...One more push.... one more push'....Finally, we got a release date and i was relaxed, once press saw the film and appreciated the same. Even that night, I was having a sleepless night thinking 'Will it be playing in all theatres without any last minute twist?'.

The last four short paragraphs consumed three years of my time.

Three years....1095 days...

Remember, I have to balance my family life who live in New jersey...its all very hard to even describe. But I never showed any of my frustrations to anyone who was working with me. I tried to surround myself with positive people and thoughts as much as possible. I strongly felt GOD and Spiritualism was a great source of relief during those tough times.

Am positive, every film maker will have a story like this to share.....

In film institutes, they often say
' for making a movie and releasing itself, there should be an award'.

Rather than worrying about delays, results...we should start enjoying the journey of filmmaking. That's the only way to survive and keep moving forward.

To other non film people, if someone from your circle is into films and is sincere in his efforts, passion... Be courteous to him, talk to him nicely, take him for a drink or dinner whenever possible and never discourage him by saying 'I told you so'. Artists are different species and they are made of different hormones, heart and bones. Being nice is not such a tough job. Don't ask him 'Why are you not doing a film with X or Y?' - Not everyone gets to work and sit with Infosys Narayanamurthy or his equivalent just because he is working in IT industry. Everyone has to work their ass off to be at top in their game...whatever may be the field of profession.

Like I wrote in NIBUNAN, 'இதுவும் கடந்து போகும்!' (This too shall pass!).

To the filmmaking community, Love you all and each one of our next blockbuster is on its way!!!”