Celebrities About Amit Shah’s Hindi Tweet!

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Celebrities About Amit Shah’s Hindi Tweet!

Amit Shah Amit Anilchandra Shah is an Indian politician and >> Read More... Amit Shah , the Union Home Minister stated that only if Hindi is the national language, India could be unique and united. This has created a huge controversy and many of the celebrities started sharing their ideas.

Sumanth Raman, the popular political analyst posted, “If Hindi is to be the National language because the majority speak it then the common crow should be the National Bird not the peacock said C.N. Annadurai.”

Garga Chatterji, the popular columnist cum professor posted, “Hindi can unite one Nation - Gutkha nation, vegetarian nation, Anti-Bengali nation, female foeticide nation, population explosion nation, Dhokla thieves nation, Bhujia leech nation. I am a civilized person. My Indian Union had no place for Gutkha rats & Bhujia reptiles.”

Dhanya Rajendran replied to an author, who supported Amit Shah’s tweet, “Khan market? You really need to check the #StopHindiImperialism or #StopHindiImposition trend. 98% have not been to Khan Market and most not heard of it. Stop living in a Delhi bubble. Give credit to other markets too.”

M K Stalin M. K. Stalin is an Indian politician and belongs t >> Read More... M K Stalin ” had stated that this is India and not Hindia.