Getting Along Wasn’t Easy For Charlize And Tom

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Getting Along Wasn’t Easy For Charlize And Tom

Looks like the chemistry between "Mad Max Click to look into! >> Read More... Max : Fury Road" actors was as good off- screen as it was on-screen which means it was not good at all. While we all saw Tom Hardy Starring in everything from Peaky Blinders to The >> Read More... Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s characters ‘Max’ and ‘furiosa’ fighting and trying to kill each other, it seems like the similar situation was going on between the two even when they were not in front of the camera.

In the latest issue of WSJ, Magazine Charlize revealed that she didn’t have the best time shooting with Hardy. She said she knows Hardy isn’t like that with every actor; she thinks that maybe they didn’t get along well because their characters in the movie weren’t supposed to get along well. 

Well, for all we know it worked pretty well for everyone at the end as that garnered great appreciation for both of them.