'Captain America' Is 'Team Ironman'?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

'Captain America' Is 'Team Ironman'?

Chris Evans Christopher Robert Evans (Chris Evans) is a promin >> Read More... Chris Evans may play the righteous 'Captain America' in the upcoming film but he is all for Team Ironman in real life.

In a recent interview when asked whose side was he on the war, the actor replied he prefers 'Team Ironman'.

Chris believes in real life there has to be some kind of responsibility and not all can work on their own wishes.

Team Captain America and Team Ironman are both against each other in the film 'Captain America: Civil War' along with other 'Avenger pals’.

According to the trailers, new characters will join the fight.The movie will release on May 6th and hopefully we won't have to pick sides within our favorites!