Kamal Haasan's Top 10 Memorable Lines From His Movies

Kamal Haasan's Top 10 Memorable Lines From His Movies Tamil Article

Ullaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan is known for his lines and his performance. His wordplay from his old movies are still very prominent in spoofs and his dialogues do remain in the minds of people. Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan ’s essence of his delivery is enchanting. Here are few of his lines from his movies that are memorable.

1. Kamal Haasan is an atheist and doesn’t miss a chance to hint at it. In Dasavatharam, Andaal (Asin) and Govind (Kamal) express their love for each other. Andaal asks him not to utter the non-existence of god. He is apologetic but only to say,'Naan kadavul illanu yengenga sonen. Irundha nalla irukumdhannu sonen' meaning 'I never said that I don't believe in God. I'm just saying it would be great if we had one'.


​2. Kamal Haasan portrayed different dialects of Tamil in his different movies and he is well versed with other Southern languages apart from Hindi and English. His Tamil in Dasavathaaram left the audience spellbound as we got a taste of his Palakad dialect. In a scene, we get to hear word play at its best for the word ‘arivom’ meaning ‘I know’.

Kulothunga: Un Uyir povathu irundhal ullaiye poyirukum. Ramanujan irrukum idamum yaam arivom. Ramanujanai ingu varavaikkum soothiramum yaam arivom. Thenpulam engum siva namam mattume olikka vaikum suchamum yaam arivom. [If you had to die, you would've died inside itself. I know where Ramanujan is. I know how to bring him here. I also know how to make only Lord Siva's name ring across the land.]


Rangaraja Nambi: Enodaya Hari un vayaalaye ethanai murai 'Hari Om', 'Hari Om' endru solla vaithan parthaya Kulothunga? 


3. The movie ‘ Anbe Sivam Story soon >> Read More... Anbe Sivam ’ has a nice wordplay between Anbarasu and Nalla Sivam.

Anbarasu (Madhavan): Evlavu panam koduthalum entha vasadhiyum kedaikatha naadu sir ithu.That's India for you. [No matter how much money you spend, you won't get any comforts in this country. That's India for you.]

Nalla Sivam (Kamal Haasan): Panam kodutha ethuvenalum vangiidalam nu nenaikravanga irukkara varaikkum that will be India for you. [As long as there are folks who think that money can buy anything, that will be India for you.


4. The movie Anbe Sivam was a completely different concept and Kamal Haasan’s performance as Nalla Sivam was unique. This is another dialog with Anbarasu which is memorable as no one can convey the essence of communism like Kamal Haasan did.

Anbarasu: Athaan Soviet Union azhinchiduchula. Aprom yaen communism nu athaiaye pidichindrukenga. [Even the Soviet Union has crashed. Why then do you still hold on to communism?]


Nalla Sivam: Ok, Mr Romeo, oru velai Taj Mahal azhinchiduchu na neenga love panratha nirithidveengala? [Ok, Mr Romeo, let's say that the Taj Mahal is destroyed. Will you stop believing in love?]

Anbarasu: Clever, very clever. But Mr Sivam, love is a feeling.


Nalla Sivam: Communism muthan oru feeling. Karl Marx Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Karl Marx athai pathi peasrathukku munadiyae neraiya perukku antha feeling vanthuduchhu. [Communism, too, is a feeling. It's been in existence even before Karl Marx wrote about it.]


5. Kamal Haasan’s role in the movie - Michael Madana Kama Rajan was comical and a different performance. The famous line by Kameshwaran, the Palakad cook played by Kamal Haasan:

‘’Bheem boy, Bheem boy, andha locker le irundhu aaru latchathai indha Avinashi naayin moonjiyil vitteri. I mean what I mean! [Bheem boy, Bheem boy, take six lakhs from that locker and throw it on this dog, Avinashi's face. I mean what I mean!]

​6. Nayakan, this is a movie where Kamal and Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... Mani Ratnam delivered an unforgettable movie to the industry. These lines are etched in the memories of the audience because of its simplicity but also have been mimicked.

Grandson: Neenga nallavara? Kettavara? [The grandson asks the aging Don who's awaiting the verdict that could send him to jail. Are you a good person or a bad person?]

Velu Nayakan (Kamal Haasan): Theriyalaye pa [I don't know]

​7. Thevar Magan, a movie brought together by Shivaji Ganesan and Kamal Haasan showcased caste politics. Shakthivel, the village chief played by Kamal Haasan and Maya-Thevar, played by Nassar as a self-indulgent man. Everytime the duo meet, the scene is tense and this dialog in the end where Shathivel expresses his wrath towards the gushing blood all around due to the caste wars is unforgettable.

''Podhumda, podhumda. Yethuktadha ellam podhum da. Inni oru Devar maganukum idhu nadakapudathu da. Ponga da, ponga da dei, poi vyavasayam parunga da. Pulla kutti ellam padika veyunga da. Podhum da. Idhu podhum da.'' [Enough, enough. None of this should happen to any of us ever again. Go do your farming. Go put your kids in school. Enough is enough.]

8. Kamal Hassan as a cop, Raghavan in Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu helps Aradhana to get rid of her abusive husband. He is adored for the line “I don't like violence against women”.

9. 16 Vayathinile, movie released in 1977 starred Sridevi, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. Kamal Haasan played the role of Chappani, a village idiot who limped and the role was enjoyed by the audience. His dialogs and acting were perfect. A notable line from the movie, said by Chappani: ‘’Naan sandhaikku ponum...aathA vaiyum kaasu kodu’’ [I need to go to the market...give me money or mother will yell.]

10. Virumaandi, this movie is produced by Kamal Haasan and he plays the lead role as Virumaandi who is sentenced to hang.

Virumaandi: ''Mannikka Therinjavan Periya Manushan, Mannippu Kekka therinjavan, atha vida periya manushan'' (The one who forgives is a great person, but the one who asks forgiveness is a much greater person)

This dialog from the movie is memorable and meaningful.