Top 10 Sportspersons Of Kerala Tamil Article

1. ‘P. T. Usha’

Olympian P T Usha is among the glowing stars of Indian athletes. She won many medals for her country and state, but couldn't win an Olympics medal, unfortunately. She is still remembered as the women athlete who lost her medal by a hundredth of a second time. She is still very much active in Kerala athletics with her "Usha School of Athletics”.

2. Anju Bobby George ANJU BOOBY GEORGE was born on 19th April 1977 in K >> Read More... Anju Bobby George


Olympian Anju Bobby George is another great athlete India ever produced. She participated in many tournaments and won many medals during her career. She was mainly focused on the long jump, in which she had a lot of medals to her name.

3. Mercy Kuttan Mercy Kuttan was born on January 1, 1960, in Keral >> Read More... Mercy Kuttan


Mercy Kuttan is famous for her achievement in the track and field’s events including a medal in the Asian Track and Field meet, making her the first woman to do so. She had won many medals in the Commonwealth Games, SAF Games, and Asian Games, etc. She is the first woman to participate in the Commonwealth Games.

4. Jimmy George Jimmy George, born on the 8th of March in the year >> Read More... Jimmy George


He is considered to be the best volleyball player of all time. He represented many teams apart from the national volleyball team. He was honored with many awards, including an Arjuna Award. He is the very first professional volleyball player from India.

5. ‘I. M. Vijayan’

He is one of the best footballers of our period. I M Vijayan with many legendary footballers of India had many achievements during his playing career. The Indian football team consisting of Vijayan conquered many heights in Asian football. He is still playing as a veteran footballer for many small clubs in Kerala, helping to increase football popularity among the masses.

6. Shiny Abraham Shiny Kurisingal Abraham Wilson is a former Indian >> Read More... Shiny Abraham


She is the only athlete from Kerala, who participated in four different Olympic Games. She won a gold medal in the Asian Games, apart from two silvers and bronze.

7. Geetha Narayanan Gopal Geetha Narayanan Gopal is an Indian chess master f >> Read More... Geetha Narayanan Gopal


Grandmaster G N Gopal is a chess player from Kerala. He is Kerala's first ever grandmaster, and he achieved this at the early age of eighteen. He was even said to achieve world number one title one day, due to his many achievements and chess tactics. He has many medals to his name making him the best chess player Kerala ever saw.

8. Sreejesh Ravindran P. R. Sreejesh, whose full name is Parattu Raveend >> Read More... Sreejesh Ravindran


He is considered to be one of the best hockey goalkeepers of the world. At the time when hockey is losing its popularity in India, Sreejesh’s hockey team had a good number of achievements to their name. This includes the second place at the champion's league hockey tournament to name a few. These achievements are bringing people back to support our National Game.

9. ‘S. Sreesanth’


Kerala produced only a few cricketers who were internationally known. Sreesanth is the best one among them. He was part of the 2007 T20 winning team and showed a good performance to support it.

10. ‘T. C. Yohannan’

T C Yohannan is a former long jumper from India and holds the National record for nearly three decades. He is an Arjuna Award winner, apart from his success in various other tournaments.