Top 10 Female Character Introductions In Malayalam

Top 10 Female Character Introductions In Malayalam Malayalam Article

1. Manju Warrier Manju Warrier is a South-Indian film actress, born >> Read More... Manju Warrier in “ Aaram Thamburan Click to look into! >> Read More... Aaram Thamburan

Mohanlal is playing the main character in this movie, and his character says that he had seen a goddess on seeing the leading actress role played by Manju. Same was the dialogues from the viewers on seeing the leading actress’s introduction. Dressed up in red saree, she showcased her power and determination in her first scene.


2. Revathi in “Kilukkam”

The best comedy introduction of an actress. Revathi set foot on Ooty railway station welcomed by the main character played by Mohanlal, only to get into trouble. She is a mad woman and creates a lot of laugh in the upcoming scenes. But for now she is a rich woman and she just proved it with her big introduction.


3. Manju Warrier in “Summer in Bethlehem”

Manju’s character sketch was given to the viewers before her arrival by other characters as an energetic and charismatic woman. But upon her arrival we see that she is crying, sparking the doubts at its peak in our minds. This is why this introduction is so epic, and you want to see it up to the end to find out what it is.


4. Navya Nair Navya Nair is a familiar face on Mollywood. Navya >> Read More... Navya Nair in “Chathikatha Chanthu”

In the film “Chathikatha Chanthu", the character played by Navya was about to suicide, up until she gets a letter from an unknown man. Her introduction is not so classy, or anything but the viewers will ask the question throughout the film, “What is her problem?”


5. Nazriya Nazim This bubbly girl with expressive eyes was an ancho >> Read More... Nazriya Nazim in “Om Shanti Oshana”


A film which gives importance to the lead female role rather the male lead. And the introduction of Nazriya in this film is no different. She speaks about her, and her family, before finally showing herself. A good introduction to the film which you are going to enjoy for sure.


6. Meghana Raj Meghana, whose full name is Meghana Raj, is an Ind >> Read More... Meghana Raj in “ Beautiful Click to look into! >> Read More... Beautiful

In the film “Beautiful”, there is this beautiful piece of introduction to the actress Meghana Raj. She is here to help the character played by Jayasurya, and she needs a perfect introduction. Meghana Raj does a wonderful job in this film changing her career as a Malayalam actress.


7. Parvathy in “Ennu Ninte Moideen”

Everybody knows that this film was going to be a tragic movie. And it was tragic with the very first introduction of the main actress. She was crying while running the stairs, pushing the viewers out of their seats with curiosity within no time to the beginning of the film. You wouldn’t guess that the film had started already, and the main actress has been shown.

8. in “ Kali Click to look into! >> Read More... Kali

She is crying and she has a bag in her hand, and it is night time. Everybody is having a concern to this scene as this was Sai’s second movie in Malayalam after her hit movie “ Premam Click to look into! >> Read More... Premam .” And nobody expected this introduction to the actress and pulled everyone to think of the situation that could be happening.

9. Nayantara in “ Thaskara Veeran Click to look into! >> Read More... Thaskara Veeran

Nayanthara’s big introduction to the Malayalam film industry was an ‘accident.' She was hit by the scooter Mammootty was driving in the film, and she looks gorgeous to the eyes of the main character and the viewers all along.

10. Sai Pallavi in “Premam”

Nobody thought that her entry to this film as a college teacher would be the biggest hit. She became the number one actress loved by the fans just after her big intro.