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Aaram Thamburan Trailer Synopsis

Aaram Thamburan is an action drama about Jagannadhan (Mohanlal) aka Jagan, who comes to live in a village named Kanimangalam and changes the balance of power. Jagan makes his friend Nandakumar purchase an old palace in the village Kanimangalam. While buying the land, Jagan is opposed by Kulappully Appan Thamburan, who has a vested interest in it. He even opposes a religious procession carried out in the village. Within a short span of time, Jagan starts to involve in the difficulties of the people residing in the village.

The villagers consider him to be the 6th Thamburan of the regime. It is because of Jagan that the villagers celebrate the annual festival after a gap of 16 years. The movie became a huge hit of the year. The soundtracks also became popular, topping the chart for long. The well-written script also contributed towards the success of the film.