Upendra- The God Of Creativity In Sandalwood

Upendra- The God Of Creativity In Sandalwood Kannada Article

Upendra Rao Upendra Rao is an Indian actor, who was born on 18 >> Read More... Upendra Rao was born on 18th September, 1967, in Udupi, to the couple Manjunatha Rao and Anusuya. As a small child, he had an eye problem, which he converted into an advantage for his films. This problem is the reason why he can roll his eyeballs, which can be seen in many films of his. He is a distant relative of the famous actor and director, Kashinath. He has a Bachelor in Commerce.

Upendra, famously known as “Uppi”, has proven to be very creative in the industry by directing many movies with unique ideologies. He has directed movies with different genres starting with a comedy movie, “Tharle Nan Maga”, in 1992. Through this film, he brought a famous comedian, “ Jaggesh Yathiraj Jaggesh is an Indian actor, director, and >> Read More... Jaggesh ”, into the industry. He even directed a film, “Shhh”, in the year 1993, which featured Kashinath and was a major hit at the box office. Uppi is known for his unique thinking, and his movie, “ Super Click to look into! >> Read More... Super ” attracted a major number of audience for his future thinking. He even directed the film, “ Om Om is a Kannada TV show which aired on TV9 Kannada >> Read More... Om ”, which is one of the best movies of all time. He first appeared onscreen as an actor in the movie, “Anantana Avantara”, with his mentor, Kashinath.


Uppi married Miss Kolkata, Priyanka Trivedi, who has acted with him in the lead role in the Telugu movie, “Raa”, and the Kannada movie, “H2O”. The couple has two children; one daughter and one son.

He has proven to be versatile in the industry by managing as an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, lyricist and a playback singer. He is one of the highest paid actors in the Kannada film industry and has won a lot of awards, including Filmfare awards for best actor and director, a huge number of times. He has been active in the industry since 1989. He has been successful as a lyricist too.


We hope that he continues to bring out unique movies in the future.