Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Big Fame After Bigg Boss Show.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Big Fame After Bigg Boss Show. Hindi Article

1. Gautam Gulati A young, handsome, and most-talented hero look guy >> Read More... Gautam Gulati .

The regular TV actor who hardly had a strong role on television before the Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss show is now most popular celeb after his Bigg Boss journey. Moreover, he is most popular among youth and especially girls are crazy for his looks and body. He has that charm which he explored in the Bigg Boss show. Now, he is not just popular by name, but his popularity could be measured by his twitter followers.


2. Sunny Leone Sunny Leone, a famous porn star, has recently ente >> Read More... Sunny Leone .

The porn star before the show whose life is immensely changed after the show is now top paid Bollywood actress. She accepts the fact that what she was in the past but she’s damn thankful for the show since due to this show, greatest director Mahesh Bhatt Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt created a niche for himself >> Read More... Mahesh Bhatt spotted her and brought her in Bollywood. Currently, she’s popular as Laila in Bollywood. She has worked with lots of big faces.


3. Pritam Singh Born on 19 January 1979 Pritam Singh also known as >> Read More... Pritam Singh .


The Radio jockey Pritam Pyaare whose voice was heard by many on radio before the show is famous by his face too, after doing Bigg Boss. After Bigg Boss, he got to host popular show India’s Got Talent for beginning episodes. He was also seen on Comedy Night Bachao, season 1.

4. Manveer Gurjar Manveer Gurjar is the commonly called name of Mano >> Read More... Manveer Gurjar .


Gurjar, the common man, who was recently seen in Bigg Boss 10 who won the season is par popular now. Before show the hardly quarter population of India knew him and today whole of India know him, that’s what we can recognize based on the immense votes he got. His controversies appear almost daily on news channel and social medias. He could surely be seen in TV commercials soon.

5. Gauhar Khan Gauhar Khan or Gauahar Khan or Gauahar Zafar Khan >> Read More... Gauhar Khan .


Chokra jawan girl, Gauhar who got supporting roles in Bollywood and who did hardly 1 to count, a reality show before Bigg Boss show is shaking the meters of popularity now. She is mostly seen in short movies with great acting talent; she has also hosted reality shows after Bigg Boss. She gained lots of fans due to her charming nature and won Bigg Boss season 7. She gets lots of offers for peppy numbers in Bollywood now.


6. Karishma Tanna Karishma Tanna is an Indian Television actress bor >> Read More... Karishma Tanna .


The tall beauty, Karishma Tanna who did lots of shows on TV and appeared in few Bollywood movies before Bigg Boss got a nice amount of popularity after the show. She got to host and judge Love school show on MTV with Upen Patel Upen patel is a well known film actor in Indian fi >> Read More... Upen Patel , his ex! She also gets offers to walk on ramp wearing big designers and also she did other few reality shows after Bigg Boss show.

7. Rochelle Rao Born on 1988, Rachel Maria Rao is a popular TV anc >> Read More... Rochelle Rao .

The Anchor, model and Miss India Miss India was a TV serial that was aired on Doord >> Read More... Miss India 2012 who was seen in season 9 of Bigg Boss was hardly that popular as she is today after the show. She got her IPl anchoring days back with multiplied fame due to Bigg Boss, and also she’s doing pretty well on highest paid reality comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.’

8. Sana Khan Sana Khan, the popular Hindi television actress, i >> Read More... Sana Khan .

The bubbly girl Sana who was seen in one of the previous seasons on Bigg Boss by showing her naughty and Bubbly side was hardly known just for her few TV ads. Today, she is one of the beautiful actresses in Bollywood. She got supporting as well as lead roles after the Bigg Boss show.

9. Dolly Bindra Dolly Bindra is an Indian film and TV actress and >> Read More... Dolly Bindra .

The veteran TV and film actor Dolly, who was known for her bold and full of anger avatar on the show is still popular for her bold moves in Bigg Boss. She is ever welcomed in news sections whenever any big debate is happening. She is often called for Bigg Boss debates to entertain people with her bold avatar.

10. Santosh Shukla Santosh Shukla is an Indian Television actor who r >> Read More... Santosh Shukla .

The TV actor who was popular for his vulnerable acting in mystery roles is now popular as unique personality after the Bigg Boss show. He got huge fame after Bigg Boss. Like Dolly, he is also called to discuss what’s going on in the current season. Also, he was seen in Jai Ho Click to look into! >> Read More... Jai Ho movie with strong Villain role.