10 Lies About Saree Bollywood Told

10 Lies About Saree Bollywood Told Hindi Article

Saree is marked as the world's famous Indian Attire, and is adored. It is simple and sexy at the same time. This dress gives a woman complete power of being bold, and strong. Bollywood has shown heroines wearing saree so elegantly that we all try it, never the less, we fail in draping ourselves the way our saree idol does. The silver screen makes the saree look so flawless, when in reality; a common person has to go through a lot of deal to be a heroine. The lies told are:

1. The saree is always fresh

In a Bollywood song, the saree is always fresh, and ironed, no matter for how many hours the heroine is wearing it. The saree never gets a slight of a crease, whereas in real life, if we sit for a while, the saree is completely crushed.

2. Rain Dance

While seeing a Bollywood song, we may encounter a scene where the heroine is doing a rain dance in a saree which looks extremely sexy on her, but getting wet in a saree, in reality, is like a challenge. I have no idea how do they do it, but when in real life, my saree gets wet, I lose my mind as it becomes too clingy, and is impossible to walk in.

3. No wardrobe malfunctions

The heroines have a superpower of being sexy in saree; have a good run in it, skip, and play with kids, and even go for a swim, and nothing goes wrong! Not even a pleat gets out of place, whereas in real life, if we try to run, well I will stop imagining what would happen next.

4. The flying pallu

This is the most clichéd thing in Bollywood songs, the hero sits down, and the heroine romantically throws her pallu on his face, and it sweeps across on his face, and he gives a huge smile, but in real life, I have never seen a pallu so flexible as it is always below those safety pins.

5. Dancing in a Saree is a dream

I have no idea how these actresses do it. They dance in a saree, lip sync, and look gorgeous at the same time. If I dance in a saree, I would just be adjusting my attire again, and again.

6. Saree…Underwater???

Even this next to impossible task was done by our Bollywood actress and that too comfortably. They are blessed with powers of not only wearing a saree on land by also in the air, and in the water, whereas, it is a huge task for us to handle it just for few moments.

7. Wind and saree are friends

We see scenes where there is wind blowing in its full power, and the saree looks perfect. Also, even their hair doesn’t mess up. I have no idea how does this happen, I am not even imagining handling my saree in the wind; I would just run inside to save it.

8. Running is comfortable

I can’t imagine walking straight in a saree, and these actresses have mastered the skill of running in a saree.

9. The bralette blouse

The heroines have made it as a trend to wear a bralette as a blouse so easily that we fool ourselves into it, and get blouses like those. On wearing we regret it immediately, atleast I do.

10. Saree and snow go hand in hand

I don't understand the logic behind the idea of wearing a saree in extremely cold conditions, but the heroines carry it so well. I will freeze to death if I wear a saree in the cold.