Top 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Twins.

Top 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Twins. English Article


We all know about the famous celebrities like and Gisele Bundchen Born in Southern Brazil, Giselle Bundchen is a ren >> Read More... Gisele Bundchen but do we all know about their other half? We don’t mean their life partner; we are talking about their twin. Here are ten celebrities you didn’t know had a twin.

1. Gisele Bundchen and Patricia Bundchen Patricia Bundchen is a Hollywood / Brazilian model >> Read More... Patricia Bundchen


They are fraternal twins. Gisele is the older twin by five minutes. Patricia is now Gisele’s manager.



2. Alanis Nadine Morissette Alanis Nadine Morisette was born on June 1, 1974. >> Read More... Alanis Nadine Morissette and Wade Imre Morissette

The older sibling is Alanis Morrisette. Wade Morrisette, who is her twin brother, is a musician just like her. He is also an author, a yoga teacher, and a therapist.



3. Jon Heder and  Dan Heder Some people are lucky enough to work on some proje >> Read More... Dan Heder


Jon Heder Jonathan Joseph Heder is an American actor who was >> Read More... Jon Heder got famous because of Napoleon Dynamite. Well, Jon isn’t the only one who is known in Hollywood. Dan, who is Jon’s twin brother, works for visual effects.



4. Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland is an eminent British-Canadian a >> Read More... Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland Born to parents Shirley Douglas (mother) and Donal >> Read More... Rachel Sutherland


Kiefer Sutherland has made a name in America with his acting. On the other hand, his twin sister Rachel Sutherland works in Canada in a TV production.



5. Samantha Judith Ronson and Charlotte Julia Ronson

From the Ronson’s family, Charlotte is a fashion designer where her twin sister Samantha seems to have no talent in that area.


6. Scarlett Johansson and Hunter Johansson Hunter Johansson is an English film actor born in >> Read More... Hunter Johansson

While we all know the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, we have not really heard a lot about her twin brother Hunter. We all first saw her twin brother along with her for the red carpet of Manny & Lo.


7. Aaron Charles Carter American pop singer Aaron Charles Carter, famously >> Read More... Aaron Charles Carter and Angel Carter Angel Charisma Carter, an American model of mix et >> Read More... Angel Carter

The popular singer Aaron Carter, who is right now working hard on his singing career has a twin sister named Angel Carter, who is working as a model.


8. Nicholas Brendon Nicholas Brendon is an American actor known for pl >> Read More... Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan Kelly Donovan Schultz, aka Kelly Donovan, is an Am >> Read More... Kelly Donovan

These two are perfectly identical twins. They are so identical that once Kelly Donovan stood twice for Nicholas in the episodes of ‘ Buffy The Vampire Slayer Joss Whedon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fame >> Read More... Buffy The Vampire Slayer ’ and no one realised.


9. Judy Reyes and Joselin Reyes There are a good number of actors and actress, who >> Read More... Joselin Reyes

Both the twin sisters are actresses. Judy did a medical role as Carla on 'Scrubs' and Joselin did a role in 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' as a paramedic.