Top 10 Best Boy Bands Of All Time

Top 10 Best Boy Bands Of All Time English Article

When you are teen, there is always that one perfect boy band that you love and adore. Boy bands practically end up being a part of your life. Their songs end up inspiring millions and melt the hearts of every teen, especially teenage girl. There is always a debate as to which boy band is the best. I Click to look into! >> Read More... I s it NSYNC or Backstreet boys? Is it One Direction or The Wanted? Or is it Boys II Men or Kids on the Block? Here are top 10 best boy bands of all time.
Jonas Brothers
They have three albums which had hit the number one spot with 17 million albums sold out. Jonas brothers became a big teen fame after performing in one of the episode of Hannah Montana Hannah Montana is an American Musical Comedy TV sh >> Read More... Hannah Montana in 2007. And then they became a part of Disney. They featured in two movies called ‘Camp Rock’ along with Demi Lovato Demi Lovato was born on 20 August, 1992. Her birth >> Read More... Demi Lovato . At the moment the band has spilt where Kevin is married, Nick has released his solo album and Joe is part of another band called DNCE.
The Monkees
 The Monkees have four hit albums, they had sold more albums than The Rolling Stones and The Beatles combined. The Monkees were not childhood friends; they were not like the usual boy bands. They were picked and put together by the record label.
One Direction
Is this the new boy band everyone keeps talking about? Well indeed it is. One Direction has had five successful albums so far. Even though one of the members, Zayn Malik Zayn Javadd Malik was born in England on 12 Januar >> Read More... Zayn Malik left the band it didn’t stop them from touring or making a new album. Zayn Malik is now a solo RnB artist. The band has many tours and has made every fan proud. They have the largest fan base called as ‘Directioners’. At the moment One Direction is on a break and will be back making music in 2017.
Eight of their albums have hit Top 40 and they are one of the most known bands. Their famous song ‘Mmmbop’ is still fresh on everyone’s tongues.  Because of this song they had three Grammy nominations and were at the top of the Billboard charts.
Their album ‘No Strings Attached’ sold a million copies in a day. The band NSYNC was fronted by . This band was one of the most popular bands out there in the 2000’s. The pop band has broken up and each member has gone their separate ways. Justin Timberlake still continues to make solo albums and is one of the hit male singers out there.
New Kinds On The Block
NKOTB has sold more than 80 million albums. They were the popular 80’s band who worn hearts worldwide. The group broke apart in 1994 but then all of a sudden they were back with an album that was secretly recorded in 2007, and were back with a new tour. This band gave a vibe of not all pop but RnB music as well.
Boys II Men
‘One Sweet Day’ was number one for 16 weeks and they have sold 25 million albums. Boy bands love to break records and Boys II Men broke all records in their time such as biggest tours, most albums sold, hottest hits and so on.
Backstreet Boys
Backstreet boys are one of the most successful bands so far. They sold out 30 million albums all over the world in 1999, which is the number that even Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is the big name in the music industry >> Read More... Taylor Swift couldn’t break. Even though Backstreet boys fell apart years back they came back with smashing album in 2015. They are still adored and loved by millions.
The Beatles
The Beatles? In the Boy band list? Well, yes. The Beatles were a Boy band and were amazing. People always thought that they were a rock band but no, they are a boy band who plays instruments. They won hearts of not only women but men as well. They were harmonized; they sing sweetly and are appreciated by all. They have number one hits and have sold 178 million albums.
Jackson 5
Jackson 5 is one of the top and most famous bands of all time. Their hit songs ‘I Want You Back’, “ABC’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ is still sung by millions. Young Michael Jackson was a part of Jackson 5. They had 23 singles which reached the top 40.