3 Celebrities Most Likely To Be Papped In A Casino

3 Celebrities Most Likely To Be Papped In A Casino English Article

Casinos have always been popular hangout spots for the rich and famous, so it’s never really a surprise to see popular celebrities photographed in a big-shot casino. Some are far more likely to be snapped by the paparazzi than others, of course, as they visit casinos more often. Staying true to history and current events, here are three of the most likely celebrities to be seen in casinos.

Paris Hilton

The most famous great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton is world-famous for more reasons than one. While some of those reasons might border on infamy, no one can deny the socialite’s celebrity status! If there must be at least one other aspect of her personality that she herself can’t deny either, it’s her passion for gambling.

Paris has been seen and photographed in some of Las Vegas’s biggest casinos several times over almost two decades. She is not a hypocrite about her love for gambling either, as we saw in her 2012 birthday tweet. She managed to win almost $30,000 on her birthday in blackjack and tweeted about it happily, stating, “I love gambling!” Her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon is a famous, professional poker player, who she met while playing poker.

Ben Affleck

You may or may not like him as the Batman in movies, but the writer, actor, and director is a more rounded cinematic artist than most people realize. While most of us know Ben Affleck as an actor and director, his first Golden Globe Award and his only Academic Award (Argo did not win him the Best Director Award) actually came for writing the Best Original Screenplay in 1997 (Good Will Hunting).

Ben Affleck is widely known as a man with a brilliant, versatile mind. His brilliance is not just limited to filmmaking, acting, and writing either. Affleck was also a successful, professional poker player. His mastery of poker first came into the limelight when he won the California State Poker Championship in 2004.

The man was so good at blackjack, that he was illegally barred from entering the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in 2014. They could not afford for him to win any more than he already did! Nowadays, Ben Affleck is not seen as much in casinos but that likely has a different reason than loss of interest in gambling.

The privacy of online casinos is a lot more appealing to celebrities in general, rather than getting constantly papped in a land casino. If you value your own privacy as well, visit Casinous.Com to find the best real money online casinos operating in the United States.

Tiger Woods

One of the greatest golfers of all time is also one of the most famous gamblers of all time as well. Woods used to bet on himself during the PGA Tours and unsurprisingly, he almost always won on both fronts too! Before the conveniences of online casinos, Tiger Woods was a regular at high-stake blackjack tables inside the MGM Grand Casino.

Everyone knows that Woods both won and lost a few million gambling, but no one can confirm whether he is running at a loss or still profiting. The truth is that it does not matter to the legendary golfer who is worth close to 0.8 billion dollars ($800+ million) and still earns roughly $60 million per year!