Innaiah Narisetti is a journalist, writer, and a humanist. His place of birth is Patha Reddi Palem village, Chebrolu Panchayat, Tenali Taluq, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently, he resides in Maryland, USA. His school's names are Roman Catholic school and Surya Devara Narasaiah High School. Andhra Christian College, Guntur, Andhra University, Waltair, and Osmania University are the names of his colleges.

In 1969, he submitted a thesis named The Philosophical Consequences of Modern Science with Special Reference to Determinism. However, V. Madhusudan Reddi, his dissertation director, was ready to pass the theory but not allow him to graduate since his favorite was Aurobindo.

Therefore, it took him nearly thirteen years to give his nod. Even then, he had to undergo three boards of examination. Finally, the High court had to intervene. After their intervention, Narisetti graduated.

He then joined a weekly in Telugu named Prajavani, Radical Humanist, Vidyarthi, and Sameeksha and translated several Manabendra Nath Roy's articles for nearly four years. As Sulapani, his pen name, he published many articles like Vahini and much more.

Siddabattuni Ramakrishna, under the pen name of Radha Rani also assisted him. He also aided N. G. Rang, a professor of Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai. He even worked for foreign publications like Center for Inquiry. He wrote Tom Flynn and Richard Dawkins, The Encyclopedia of Unbelief, and The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief for them.

He has also translated Letter to A Christian Nation, Sam Harris's book, and The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins' novel, in Telugu. Innaiah also headed the Indian branch of Center for Inquiry, which a non-profit and secular organization that promotes and guides people if they have any inquiry or interest about science or reason.

They regularly write articles and columns in the newspaper with the intention to make people aware and interested in science and help them come out of the clutches of superstition.

His wife's name is Venigalla Komala. She used to work for the Ambedkar Open University in Hyderabad and is also an accomplished writer and translator herself. They have a son named Raju from their marriage. He was the Washington Post's managing director before founding Mint, which was a daily newspaper covering financial topics.

They mostly circulated it in Mumbai and Delhi. Currently, he is serving as an editor and deputy manager of Wall Street Journal Digital Network's print edition. He is married too and has a daughter who is studying child psychologist in Rockville, Maryland.