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Ashoka Mitran Telugu Actor
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Ashoka Mitran is an Indian Author. Ashoka was born on the 22nd of September in the year 1931. He was born in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. His actual name is Jagadisa Thyagarajan. Initially, their family was a resident of Secunderabad.

But after his father expired, their family moved to Chennai because of a job offer from his father’s friend in the Gemini Studios. Ashoka wrote the novels “Anbin Parisu” (1953), “Manasarovar,” “Otran,” “My Years With Boss,” and a few more.

He also wrote a few short stories. Ashoka won the Government of Tamil Nadu Award three times. He also received the Lily Memorial Award (1992), Akshara Award in 1996, and many more. Ashoka died on the 23rd of March in the year 2017 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.