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He was born in the year 1947 on August 20th. His maternal aunt was P. Susheela who has her name in the Guinness Book of World Records and Asia Book of Record for singing in the maximum number of Indian languages. She has also won National Awards for her singing. V. Ramakrishna used to admire Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao who blended classical music to create light music and has also recorded Bhagavad Gita, songs on patriotism, etc. Although Ramakrishna is a Bachelor of Science graduate but due to his keen interest in singing, he went on a path to become a professional singer. Thus, he started by singing light music on a show called Yuva Vani on All India Radio. Well, he got a movie as his debut movie which came out in the year 1972 named Vichitra Bandham, and the song was Vayase Oka Poolathota.

He was wanted by the superstars of South Indian cinema like NTR, Sobhan Babu Sobhan Babu was an actor who always sizzled on the >> Read More... , ANR, Krishnam Raju Uppalapati Venkata Krishnam Raju is a Telugu film >> Read More... , etc. He started his career enthusiastically and sang over 5000 songs for movies. He also released his album of devotional songs. He was the most sought-after singer of the 70s and the 80s in the Telugu Cinema. He used to give many stage performances in Andhra Pradesh and gave numerous concerts. Not just that, he also appeared in TV serials and films and thus started a little career in acting. He still used to sing in the events like Krishna Mahotsava and Krishna Pushkaram etc. He became the most loved and preferred voice quite soon and thus it brought him a lot of respect and fame. Even then, he remembered each and every co- singer by his or her name and was very polite to them, and always addressed every big or small star with respect. Humility was in his nature.

He did not only confine himself till Andhra Pradesh but also performed in New Delhi where he collaborated with orchestra singers and created the magical musical aura. His appearance was quite predictable as he always preferred to wear a silk kurta-pyjama and humility in his behaviour which paved his way up the industry and lead him to success. But it is a thing that not everybody can keep everyone happy. He once sang a song in a movie named ‘ Kanyakumari Not every girl dreams of a life of luxury. Some gi >> Read More... ’ in the year 1977. It was one of those plots of a song where two actors are singing together. So he had to collaborate with Koteswara Rao, but it was chopped off without the knowledge of Ramakrishna which created a little tense situation between him and Balasubrahmanyam for a while.

While performing in a show Open Heart with RK, he actually opened his heart and spilled the truth about his absence from the movies. He mentioned that it was music director Chakravarthy who held some sort of hard feelings for Ramakrishna and due to his influence on music department in South, he made sure no one gave him any movies and rendered him out of opportunities. But he couldn’t live with this guilt and thus before he died, he called up Ramakrishna and apologized for what he did. Ramakrishna got married in the year 1976 to a singer Jyothi Khanna and they had two children, Sai Kiran Sai Kiran is an Indian actor who is known for his >> Read More... and Lekha. He sang a lot between 1972 to 1996. Anyway, he was diagnosed with cancer, and he fought with it for ten rough months at the end of which he left this world and died on July 16, 2015. He was a great and dedicated singer and a down-to-earth human being who enriched the music fraternity with his melodious voice.


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