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Chandini Chowdary Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 22 April 1993

Age Now 31

Chandini Chowdary - (Movie Actress)

Satwik Telugu Child Artist
Born: 22 April 2003

Age Now 21

Satwik - (Child Artist)

Sathvik Varma Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 22 April 2003

Age Now 21

Sathvik Varma - (Movie Actor)

Shiv Kumar B Telugu Director
Born: 22 April 1987

Age Now 37

Shiv Kumar B - (Director)

Swathika Rajesakar Telugu Actress
Born: 22 April 2000

Age Now 24

Swathika Rajesakar - (Actress)

Pogakula Anvesh Telugu Actor
Born: 22 April 1997

Age Now 27

Pogakula Anvesh - (Actor)


N Chandrababu Naidu Telugu Politician
Born: 20 April 1951

Age Now 73

N Chandrababu Naidu - (Politician)


Musicians Are Those People Of The Film Industry, Who Play Instruments

Musicians Are Those People Of The Film Industry, Who Play Instruments And Makes The Songs Perfect And Pleasant To Hear By Giving Music, Also Sing For Live Audiences Or In Recording Studios In A Variety Of Styles, Such As Classical, Jazz, Opera, Hip-Hop, And Rock. From The Era Of Royal Reigns, They Are Adding Music In Our Life. There Are Variations In Musicians' Work From Past Days To Today. Also, The Modifications In The Instruments They Are Playing From Tabla To Guitar.

They Trained In One Or More Instruments And To Make Themselves More Marketable They Have To Become Proficient In Multiple Musical Instruments Or Styles. Musicians Generally Play In A Group Of People Trained In Playing Instruments, Orchestras, And Some Times Solo. In Visual Media, Music Adds Life In The Scenes; Music Has No Words. Can You Imagine A Film Without Background Music? Background Music Adds Extra Liveness In The Dialogue Said By Actor; Musicians Gave These Background Music, They Make Visuals Memorable.