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Amrutha Suresh is an Indian singer who works solely in the Malayalam film industry. Having risen to prominence thanks to the popular Malayalam reality TV show Idea Star Singer, she has since gone on to be a featured as a part of the soundtracks of many Malayalam movies. She is married to popular Malayalam and Tamil actor ‘ Bala Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. Amrutha’s first big break came in the popular music-based reality show Idea Star Singer. The show is popular in Kerala and is loosely based on the format of the much bigger Indian Idol. She participated in the 2007 version of the show, which she eventually failed to win.

However, her talent was evident and she soon found work in the Malayalam film industry. Her first work was in the song ‘Unarumee Pulakangal’, which was a duet with prominent male singer Madhu Balakrishnan Madhu Balakrishnan is an Indian playback singer. H >> Read More... . The song appeared on the soundtrack of the Malayalam film ‘Vaamanapuri’. Her next work came in the song ‘Minnaaminunge’, which was her first solo work in a film song. The song was part of the 2008 Malayalam film ‘Kabadi Kabadi’. She followed this up with another solo cut; this one was titled ‘Ayalathe Kuyile’. This popular song was part of the movie ‘Venalmaram’; the lead actor of the movie was Amrutha’s then boyfriend Bala.

She was then chosen to sing on a posse cut with three other artists; Franco, Geemon, and Naveen. The song they recorded together was eventually named ‘Munthiri’; it appeared in the 2010 Malayalam film that featured a star-studded cast of ‘ Dileep Dileep was born in Kerala as Gopalakrishnan Padman >> Read More... ’, ‘ Sathyaraj Sathyaraj is one of the greatest actors of Tamil f >> Read More... ’, and ‘Charmi’. ‘Sadukudu’ was the next song she recorded for a movie. She recorded the song alongside National Award winning singer and music director M.G. Sreekumar, a veteran of the Malayalam film industry. The song was part of the soundtrack of the film ‘Pulimaan’.

Her next two movie songs were solo cuts; she recorded ‘Amma Nilaavaay’ and ‘Akalaminnarikeyalle’ for the movies ‘Amma Nilaavu’ and ‘The Hitlist’ respectively. She also recorded another song for The Hitlist that was titled ‘Kannaake’ alongside playback singer and music director Alphonse Joseph. Amrutha has been busy with her personal life and making time for her husband and daughter.

She met Bala when she was a part of Idea Star Singer, and he was there as a judge. The supposed falling apart of their marriage has been the subject of tabloid speculation for a while now. Recently, she made a singing comeback with the band Amrutham Gamaya which was founded by her. She also has a prominent role on the TV music show Music Mojo Music Mojo is a popular and youthful and for the y >> Read More... , which is regularly broadcasted on the Malayalam channel Kappam TV.


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Age Now 37

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