RJ Chaitu

Other names of RJ Chaitu: Chaitanya Basava, Chatterbox Chaitu
RJ Chaitu Telugu Actor

Chaitanya Basava, alias RJ Chaitu or Chatterbox Chaitu, is an Indian RJ who works in Red FM, Hyderabad. He is a popular figure among the Telugu people and is dear to them for his fun-filled, energetic self. Chaitu has had a troublesome time growing up. Following the demise of his father, he had to keep his nose to the grindstone so as to provide for his family. He was rejected six times before finally getting the opportunity of becoming an RJ.

Chaitu is a multi-tasker. Besides hosting two top-rated shows on Red FM, Zabardasth Masthi and Midnight Biryani, he works as a voice artist, hosts shows, and does television programs. For his hard work and determination, and for the way he makes the show appreciable, he was awarded the Most Popular RJ by the Excellence in Radio Awards, and Zabardasth Masthi won two IRF awards as the Best Show consequently for two years, in 2015 and 2016.