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RJ Nitin is an Indian Radio Jockey and is the man who created the popular campaign “Ambulance Ko Raasta Mila.” Nitin is popularly known as Khurafati Nitin.

When Nitin was young, one of his school friend’s mother suggested that he should try in Radio, but Nitin didn’t take it seriously. After he completed his college, during his vacations, one of his relatives showed him an Ad of a radio station that wanted to hire an RJ. Nitin casually appealed the opportunity. In the interview, he was asked to speak for two minutes, but Nitin being in a flow kept on speaking for six long minutes, and for it, he even got shouted by one of the judges. Nitin was sure that he was not going to get selected in it, but to his shock, the judges selected him, and he was signed for a few years. During his job, he got a fan following for his good work too.

After the completion of the contract, Nitin started looking for a job. He thought of making some money by cooking as he is a good cook. He opened a small stall and started selling samosas in Gurgaon. Since he had no money to hire workers for his shop, his younger brother, who was practicing modeling, quit his job and came to work with him. But this was also a failure for Nitin. He opened another shop and used to go to different places to deliver chole-bhature.

During this time, he got a call from Fever FM and was offered a job. Finally, Nitin found a job for himself. He started a new show on the Radio. Now Nitin is one of the best RJs in India.

Nitin gets invited to various institutes today as chief guest on various occasions. The struggle story of Nitin is an inspiration for many.

RJ Nitin Family Tree (Infographic Family Tree)

RJ Nitin Family Tree


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