Top 10 Sad Ending Movies In Malayalam

Top 10 Sad Ending Movies In Malayalam Malayalam Article

1. ‘ Akashadoothu Aakashadoothu is a Malayalam mega serial which sta >> Read More... Akashadoothu

There is no film like “Akashadoothu.” The film tells a tragic story of a family. Many viewers cried after watching this film. It was a family movie with great natural content. Murali’s acting along with some brilliant performance from the cast helped the film to be a hit.


2. ‘1921’

"1921" is a movie that focused on India's Independence and the "Mappila Lahala" that took part in the Malabar region during 1921. It was a failed protest and not a period when you can see happiness in town. The film followed the same formula, and you get a complete tragic movie.


3. ‘Chemmeen’


Thakazhi is a novelist who likes to tell the truth in life without lies. And you get a tragic, sad ending movie that is based on his novel. "Chemmeen" is a tragedy at the end of the movie and you feel a sigh of relief at the end with sadness drifting from your heart.

4. ‘Kaalapani’


Another post-independence movie. You are left with a tragic story from the prison of Andaman Islands. You will see a group of failed men trying to escape from the prison and their failure in doing so. This film is going to give you pain all day.

5. ‘ Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja


Another independence themed story, and it is another tragedy you are going to get. This time, the movie is about Pazhassi Raja, a king from the Wayanad hills. ‘ Mammootty Muhammed Kutty Ismail Paniparambil is the original >> Read More... Mammootty ’ plays the main character’s role.


6. ‘Kaazhcha’


Another Mammootty starrer sad ending film. The film discusses a child who lost everything in an earthquake and a family who protects him during his bad times. But the legal system doesn't allow him to be with the family and he is taken away from them, finally. A really sad ending for a meaningful film.

7. ‘Thanmathra’

Mohanlal Mohan Lal is the Super Star of the Malayalam film >> Read More... Mohanlal ’'s "Thanmatra" discusses the problems faced by a person who is affected by the Alzheimer's disease. And by the theme itself, you may find that the film is going to be a hard one for the soft hearted fans. A brilliant performance from the complete actor makes this film a true tragedy movie.

8. ‘ Karutha Pakshikal Click to look into! >> Read More... Karutha Pakshikal

"Karutha Pakshikal" showcases the emptiness in the human heart. There is dark and light in every one of us, and it is our choice that defines us. Mammootty, in this wonderful movie, plays an important role, and you will see the dark side of every man at the end of the movie.

9. ‘Kireedam’

A legendary acting from Mohanlal sealed the best tragic movie in Malayalam cinema history. There are many tragic films, but there is none to cope with “Kireedam.” The film shows the transformation of a man from good to worse, due to his life choices.

10. ‘ Vandanam Click to look into! >> Read More... Vandanam

"Vandanam" is a movie that will come to your mind if you are looking for a tragic romantic movie. The film shows the sad ending of a loving couple who cannot find each other in the flow of life problems.